font friday... drop cap #1... sneak peek

ere is a peek at what I have been working on this month.... Drop Cap #1. It has been great fun. And lots of good creative thinking. This is a Drop Cap font or an Initial Cap font. Even though it has all the letters of the alphabet it is not an alphabet font to be used for headlines or god forbid body copy. Plz don't type people's names in it either, it won't be pretty. It has no kerning or punctuation except a period which I am actually putting in against my better judgement. But it will have accent marks for all of you who do not live in the states.

There are basically 2 alphabets here. The lighter letters are lower case and the darker letters are upper case. The light and dark letters are interchangeable. I usually try to pick one that relates to whatever I am writing about. I really made these to have a set of initial caps to use on my blog. Eventually these will be sold as web fonts too.

This is to be used with one lovely cap all alone with body copy. A perfect example is how I started this post with the nice H. Now you do need to have a program that allows you to wrap copy. And you do need to know how to do that in your program. But none of this is hard to figure out.

Drop Cap #1 may be up for sale here by this time next week... in the mean time have a great weekend!

font friday... free font of the month!

Lots happening here at Outside the Line... this month's NEW font is Cowboy Doodles. For all of you who live in Cowboy land do check it out.

This month's FREE font is Doodles the Alphabet Black. A fun hand lettered font that works well with all of the Doodles fonts. Use the Download link on the right to get it for free.

Here's a little Sneak Peek at some upcoming fonts. Next month's font will be one of the two,  both are progressing nicely.

QUESTION: What City Doodles would you like to see? They would follow the theme and look of Paris Doodles. I've had requests for London Doodles, a tropical doodles, a sailing and lake vacation doodles.

Leave a comment and I'll give it some thought. And Happy Spring, I think it is almost here!

font friday... cowboy doodles font

As a kid I watched Westerns, had a cap gun, chaps, spurs, cowboy hat and my favorite black and red cowboy boots. That and a trip to Texas was the inspiration behind Cowboy Doodles. For all of you who live in cowboy country or want to check it out here.

font friday... free (and new) font of the month...

If you want either of these fonts links are to the right to buy the new font and download the free font. Stay tuned for next month's new font which will either by my Cowboy Doodles or Nancy's Animal Silhouettes. See you then. Stay warm, by then it will be Spring, or almost Spring or the hope of Spring... I am ready for Spring.

font friday, new font... cordially yourz

Here is my newest font which I am quite pleased with. It is fresh and fun. You can buy it right here. Check back to see what else is on the drawing board... I've got Cowboy Doodles and Big Brush Print... Nancy has Le Femme Silhouettes and Dog Silhouettes... lots of font goodness coming your way this year.

If there are any breeds you would especially like to see plz let me know and I'll see if I can twist Nancy's arm.

font friday... free font of the month!

A NEW font to start the year off right. Just Animals was drawn by Justine Childs and is the cute animal font that you have been asking for forever. And the FREE font is Justine's too... Just People. If you look closely you'll probably see people you know... I see my friend Ann, my Uncle Ray, my Aunt Audrey...

See the DOWNLOAD link on the right to download the FREE font.

And in 2011 you will see the free font of the month club but not at the first of the month and maybe not every month. But then you may see it more than once a month sometimes. It just all depends. I've decided since I am the boss that I am going to enjoy the luxury of not being driven by a time table. I have lots of fonts in my head and some that I know will take more than a month. An alphabet font always takes me longer and I seem to have a lot of them waiting to be drawn. So you will hear from me when there is something new. But of course there is always something new on the blog... 5 days a week and that will continue. So check back often and see what is up.

And Happy NEW Year!

just animals... new font

You have been asking for this font Just Animals and here it is. I've had requests for cute animals and Justine drew them for you. I hope you like them. They would be fun to use when scrapbooking or for making Punky's birthday party invitation.

font friday... sweet peace postcards...

These darling cards (with my doodle fonts on them) come to you from Jack and Ella Paper Press on etsy. I have given up Christmas cards and letters because frankly Christmas has become overwhelming. The last card we sent was a Papyrus Halloween card to 200 of our nearest and dearest with a letter that we had moved. I figured that covered Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Moving for that year and the next several.

I must say though that these Sweet Peace postcards are tempting me. Maybe it is that postcards seem like less of a commitment than cards. And they are just so darn cute. And I suppose someone will send me a card and then the guilt will set in.

And there are cards too... all on recycled stock. All cute and all reasonably priced.