Finally! "Dear Rae, Love Dad" is done!

This is my favorite font! And I have made quite a few of them. "Dear Rae, Love Dad" is a modern calligraphy font drawn by hand, using ink, and a folded nib dip pen on rough watercolour paper.

Best used in Open Type apps, it has automatically changing alternates. To use the open type features you will need an open type friendly application like InDesign or Illustrator where you can access the glyphs palette. But I have tried my best to make the font work nicely even if you don't use those apps.

It is upright, dramatic, and personal.

It is named Dear "Rae, Love Dad" because who wouldn't like to get a letter signed, "Love Dad"?

A BIG thank you to Dathan who answered my Glyph software questions.

And to Laurie who added the "Love Dad" to the "Dear Rae".

To buy this this fab new font, it can be found on myfonts at 30% off. 

Sneak Peek at what is next... "Dear Rae, Love Mom"

new font, dickybird doodles!

dickybird1blog dickybirds2blog





This illustration font has 32 dickybirds. Birds in a cage, on a wire, in a nest. A flamingo, toucan, sandpiper, cardinal, penguin, heron, chicken & rooster, hummingbird, swan. Some line, some reverse and one with polka dots.

For a very limited time this new font is $21. This price is only available on this site.

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penmanship, calligraphy & lettering

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 2.06.16 PM













This weekend I had serious fun attending Crystal Kluge's modern penmanship class in St. Paul. You can see her fonts here. I also enjoyed the rare chance to talk shop with another type designer!














This is Crystal's lettering. Oh how I love those flourishes.


photo 2

















And here are my hen scratchings. But in my defense I didn't take the class to be a bad version of Crystal but a better version of myself.

I learned a lot. Very beginning things like how to hold the pen and not to go so fast. I was easily the worst in class. Everyone else put their nib in their holder and started doing beautiful calligraphy. But then it was a talented bunch.


photo 3





I got to do a lot of thinking in class and ponder a possible 4 new alphabet fonts. I would really like to make a font that looks like my new logo. I used a folded nib to get the above lettering.

A really great class for both beginners and professionals alike. And as you can see from the first photo she has another class coming up in March. If you are in the area I think you would enjoy it.


photo 5 photo 4Since this was a lettering kind of weekend my friend Laurie, who I look the class with, gave me this oh-so beautiful real sable brush pen for my birthday. So now I have another tool that I don't know how to use. But it makes me happy just to hold it. This is a Kuretake Japanese pen.

(Thanks again Laurie! For the fun, drinks and the PEN!)

beer label, best regardz & holiday doodles too


font sighting here.... the birthday candles and swirls are from Holiday Doodles Too and Birthday Bedlam is Best Regardz! Nothing charms me more than to see fonts I have made used really well by someone. This someone is my friend Carrie from just in case you need something designed. And she can do more than beer labels.

new font, farm doodles!

770FarmDoodles1b 770FarmDoodles2b

F arm Doodles is finished and for sale everywhere. Whew. Each new font always feels like such an accomplishment.

It is the perfect collection of illustrations to be used for everything from the farm to table movement to the current weddings on a farm trend. 30 illustrations of farm animals... beehive, fish, bunny, chickens, cows, goat, sheep, pig and horse. Farm buildings, weather vane, windmill, tractor, milk can, hay bale, trees. And food... tomato, carrots, peas, spinach, apples, beets.

If you want to buy this font I suggest going to my etsy store where you will get an immediate download. My new friend David is working on a real shopping cart for this site. Next project is to rework about 90 pages. But then if you buy here you can get the 3 or $49 deal. Whatever works for you.


hamilton still needs our help

Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.51.20 AM Screen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.51.08 AMScreen Shot 2013-04-06 at 10.51.28 AMHamilton Type Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin still needs our help. Neenah Paper, also in Wisconsin is taking donations and matching them for Hamilton. You can make a $5, $25 or $75 and get a letterpress poster.

Last Summer we visited the Hamilton Type Museum and had a great time. If you are able please help them with their move and to keep this wood type museum open. This piece of typography history is really worth saving.


codex: The Journal of Letterforms, Fall 2012

Codex2_Cover_final Each year I subscribe to one nice art magazine. This is mine for this year. I missed the first issue but could get it as a download to my iPad for only $8.

Issue #2 sets the bar even higher: More pages (180), more great content, and a complete redesign. Read about the iconic Pirelli Publicity of the 50s & 60s by such luminaries as Massimo Vignelli, Bob Noorda, and Alan Fletcher; discover the work of Czech type designer, Oldřich Menhart, in addition to book reviews and previews, the challenges of multi-lingual type design by creator of Skolar, David Březina; graphic design in the mechanical age — or how it was done before the advent of the PC, and much more.

This is a limited run and they go fast so I you want a subscription act now. John Boardley the founder of Codex also writes an interesting popular type blog

Can't wait for an afternoon when I can just sit with my new magazine and a cup of tea.


visions of alphabets dancing in her head...


yes this is my bed, no this is not my design, but I wish it was. Design is from Beckmans College of Design.


Just got this little pick-me-up recently at IKEA to cover our down comforter. The duvet with 2 standard pillowcases was only $19.99. What a steal. Now this makes me want to get something fun for the guest room.

Sweet Dreams.