Outside the Line is where I sell my fonts and blog. I chat about whatever strikes my fancy… typography, design, knitting, crocheting, food, travel, art, photography, whatever. You can see Outside the Line's 90+ fonts, some of which my font friends Justine and Nancy drew. Ann and I collaborated on some contemporary embroidery patterns and Jessica makes eco-friendly cards using a lot my fonts.

You can learn a little more about each of us below.


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Rae Kaiser     Blessed as a child with the knowledge that I would grow up and be an artist I have been on that path ever since. My fonts have garnered awards and appeared in books. I never intended to design fonts. It just happened that way. I would probably still say I am not an illustrator, but then I do make all those hand drawn doodle fonts… so maybe I am.

I am good with type. Love type, am fascinated with type. So I make fonts.

If you want to know more about me read my Creative Character interview. Or take a look at Rae's fonts.



Justine Childs    I fell in love with the City of Love; cried in front of a Monet; and don’t ever want to take my life for granted. So when a dear friend helped open an intricately carved door in my head, I delighted as my font imagination emerged.

With great family support, I now put on my comfy PJ.s, light good candles, put a purring cat in my lap and excitedly, intrepidly re-open that door.

You can see my fonts here...

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Nancy Vala      After a childhood spent in solitary pursuits – running down railroad tracks, bicycling through puddles, up in a tree with a good book – Nancy naturally gravitated toward careers that didn’t require a lot of talking.

An award-winning author and illustrator and, most recently, a certified yoga instructor, Nancy welcomed the invitation to try her hand at font design. Her first font was Yoga Studio, a set of detailed yoga poses that are both useful and elegant. Check out all of Nancy's fonts here.

She’s learned to love a good conversation.



Jessica Bates     Creating my own wedding stationery was a great creative outlet for me. I have always had a tendency to get just a little too excited about designing my own holiday cards, so Jack + Ella Paper became my full-time dream job. Rae's sweet doodles adorn my eco-conscious stationery having that perfect blend of simplicity and hand-drawn sassiness that I love. 

When not peddling paper, you can find me signing up for races that I later regret, hoarding Pinterest boards, eating Mexican food of any kind and practicing yoga. But most importantly, hanging out with my too-good-to-be-true husband and the real Jack and Ella, my children. My cup runneth over.