font friday... free font of the month!

Lots happening here at Outside the Line... this month's NEW font is Cowboy Doodles. For all of you who live in Cowboy land do check it out.

This month's FREE font is Doodles the Alphabet Black. A fun hand lettered font that works well with all of the Doodles fonts. Use the Download link on the right to get it for free.

Here's a little Sneak Peek at some upcoming fonts. Next month's font will be one of the two,  both are progressing nicely.

QUESTION: What City Doodles would you like to see? They would follow the theme and look of Paris Doodles. I've had requests for London Doodles, a tropical doodles, a sailing and lake vacation doodles.

Leave a comment and I'll give it some thought. And Happy Spring, I think it is almost here!