new & free fonts


new fonts and a free font... Reading and Writing Doodles and Birthday Doodles are both new this year. 30 illustrations and some words for each. Very useful from bookplates to birthday cards. You can make them all.

And Justine's Just Animals is our FREE font this quarter. I could see these used for scrapbooking or as a kid's birthday party theme. To download this for free use the red bar on your right. Enjoy.

new font - frames & banners

15 frames... to use in lots of different ways. Candy labels...or spice labels. Most of these are square or square ish. Lots is similarities and lots of variation. Lots of good mix and match.And 17 banners. I always hate to stop in the middle of a job and draw one.

Check out Frames and Banners to see the full collection.

And don't miss this months FREE Font Hearts and Swirls Too. The download link is on the right. Enjoy!

free font of the month


Free font this month is Curly Q. It's a curly, swirly, girly kind of font. A delightful headline font for your next garden party or note to the kids from the tooth fairy. Use the download link on the right.

We were in London once for 2 weekends. This photo was the outside of my stepson Matt's apartment building in Nottinghill. It was fun to start London Doodles with photos from that trip. At least yearly I intend to add a city doodle or two to the series. I've done Paris and London... maybe a resort type location next. And of course NYC.

font font of the month

Paris, who doesn't adore Paris? We were there several years ago and I was smitten with the iron work balconies, iron work on the doors, decorations on the tiles, OK almost everything visual. When I came home I made 2 decorative fonts based on what I saw. This month Fleurons of Paris is the FREE font. Link to download is to the right.

This month's new font is the often requested Lake Vacation Doodles. Later in the year I will do a more resort/island version of the same thing. This was quite fun to do and hopefully fun for all of you to use to make all your Summertime party invitations.

What is on the drawing board... I have been scribbling on what I hope is the beginning of a modern calligraphy font. Nancy has been sending me quite charming drawings of women.

I'm using some new technology this week so I hope all goes well. If you have gotten here via the Free Font of the Month email then my new attempt using MailChimp worked. I also hope my new download page works. As I am writing this it seems a little buggy. I may have tried too many new things in one month.

And if you have just stumbled on today's post by accident and want to get on the email list there is a new sign up box to the right.

Happy Summer!

font friday...lake vacation doodles


just in time for Summer. New font... Lake Vacation Doodles for your camping, sailing,  picnicking Summertime vacation needs. With these little graphics your party invitations just design themselves. Add an Outside the Line hand lettered font and you are good to go. And since it is finally Summer and this is a Summer font I thought I'd offer it for 20% off for a little while.

And if you need some lake themed notes Jessica from Jack & Ella Paper Press has them for you. Check out her etsy shop. These make great hostess gifts.

font friday and free font of the month!

NEW FONT! Woof... 29 dogs, 28 breeds and one mutt! All carefully rendered to give the feel of that breed. Plus a paw print, always a bonus. A great font for a vet, groomer, dog lover.... This font was drawn by Nancy Vala.

Inspired by her lifelong love of yoga Nancy also drew this month's FREE FONT Yoga Studio. 15 poses as line drawings and the same 15 in reverse, plus the OM graphic and a lotus flower. To download the free font plz use the link to the right.

SNEAK PEEK... here's a peek at the start of next month's new font Lake Vacation Doodles. Other fonts I am thinking about is a modern calligraphy font and a marker brush type font. Justine has started Just Birds and Nancy is hard at work at La Femme, a silhouette font of women. At some point I am going to make some city doodles... maybe London first. Until next month enjoy Summer, I think it may finally be here.

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font friday... woof!

Big dogs, little dogs, some silhouettes, some not, drawn correctly and given the feel of their own breed. 29 dogs (1 mutt) and a paw print.

Nancy drew this font and I was amazed at how each dog was that breed. I think she did an amazing job researching and capturing the essence of each dog. She even had a dog committee to critique her dog drawings.

If you are a dog lover or run a kennel or need a dog for your personal stationary THIS is the font for you.

Nancy drew the Yoga Studio font and Woof. If you have a need for a font in her style drop me a line with your suggestions.

Just FYI... Woof and any other Outside the Line fonts are available as webfonts. You can find them at FontSpring or MyFonts.

Unique Business Stationary

font friday... new & free font of the month...

This is this month's NEW font. I think it is very fun. I needed a drop cap font for blogging so I've made Drop Cap One. 26 dark letters and 26 light letters and a period. But this is a drop cap or initial cap font. So that is what it is for. Not for setting headlines or body copy. If you like it I'll make more of these.

Justine's Just Shoes and Purses is this month's FREE font. Cute, fun, Springy. I am sure you will find lots of uses for this one. See download link to the right.

And here is a SNEAK PEEK at what we will have for you next month. Nancy's new font Woof with 30 cute dogs. It is almost done. If there is a dog you need leave a comment and I'll see if it is in the font.

Other fun things on the drawing board are Justine's Just Birds and my Summer Camp or Lake Vacation Doodles. Until next month stay warm... and I hope it isn't snowing where you are.

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