font friday... free font of the month!

A NEW font to start the year off right. Just Animals was drawn by Justine Childs and is the cute animal font that you have been asking for forever. And the FREE font is Justine's too... Just People. If you look closely you'll probably see people you know... I see my friend Ann, my Uncle Ray, my Aunt Audrey...

See the DOWNLOAD link on the right to download the FREE font.

And in 2011 you will see the free font of the month club but not at the first of the month and maybe not every month. But then you may see it more than once a month sometimes. It just all depends. I've decided since I am the boss that I am going to enjoy the luxury of not being driven by a time table. I have lots of fonts in my head and some that I know will take more than a month. An alphabet font always takes me longer and I seem to have a lot of them waiting to be drawn. So you will hear from me when there is something new. But of course there is always something new on the blog... 5 days a week and that will continue. So check back often and see what is up.

And Happy NEW Year!