new office supplies...


I adore new office supplies. New books, new pens and pencils. Whatever. I finally broke down and ordered these pencils because I am such a fan of type designer extraordinaire Louise Fili. And I don't even like pencils. I must say these do glide across the paper rather nicely.

Legendary designer Louise Fili brings her love of vintage packaging and all things Italian to this collection of beautiful pencils. Housed in a sturdy lidded case, Perfetto Pencils features twelve double-sided, two-color pencils that showcase Fili's unique ability to capture the bygone elegance of our design heritage.





And then there is paper. I do like this unusual notebook. I got it to keep track of words and phrases. Hopefully that will make me be a better writer. Many different pages to write on grids, dots, lines. Other interesting pages like Alpha Bravo Charlie, braille, Morse code etc.

Map out graphs, schematics, sketches, and dreams with this sleek and durable workbook. Inspired by vintage laboratory notebooks, Grids & Guides features 144 pages of graph paper (eight designs repeating throughout) interspersed with a multitude of scientific charts, tables, and infographics featuring everything from the periodic table to alternative alphabets to Newton's Laws of Motion. This journal is the perfect tool for right-brainers and left-brainers alike.




Last but not least... a little pop up light studio. Tiny for tiny things. I think I am going to be pleased with this. My office space is small with little storage. It has a little strip of LED lights. I did a little test run and was pleased. For larger things I use my white table top and wait for a sunny day.

If anyone is interest links to products are below. Enjoy!


butter bell

Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 5.25.01 PM I just learned about this great little butter keeper.

We like to keep our butter at room temperature.

A French butter dish is a container used to maintain the freshness and spreadable consistency of butter without refrigeration. The base holds water, and a cup holds the packed in butter which also serves as a lid. The cup containing butter is placed into the base, where water creates an airtight seal that keeps the air (and thus oxygen) away from the butter so that refrigeration is not needed, and the butter can be used in its soft form. This method will keep butter for around a month provided it is kept at temperatures below 80 °F (27 °C) and the water is changed regularly. The French butter dish design is thought to have originated in Vallauris, France. Vallauris is known for its pottery crafts. Others speculate that it was created in Brittany, or Normandy—both known for their butter production.

They go by many names  "French butter keeper", "French butter crock", "butter crock", "beurrier à l'eau", "beurrier Breton", "beurrier Normand", "cloche de beurre", "pot à beurre Breton", "französische Butterdose" (German), butter keeper and butter bell.

There are many variations and this one is more contemporary than the others. Basically they work the same. Links to a variety below. We have been using our for several months now and like it. And this really is the gift for the person who has everything.