Fun with fonts!


Summertime is travel time or armchair travel time. Paris, London, New Orleans, Chicago, Waikiki and Lake Vacation Doodles. For a limited time these 6 fonts are only $9 each. (Normally $15.) You can see them here If you want to use these fonts to print things you want to sell contact Rae (using the Ask Rae link above) she would be delighted to chat with you.


Here is an example of what can be done with these little doodles. Illustrations from Lake Vacation and Waikiki Doodles are used along with some from Wilderness, Woodland, Nautical Doodles and I am sure a few more. This is a fabric design that is available at Spoonflower. I am currently turning this fabric into dishtowels and napkins.


Whether we are travelers or not we are heartbroken about Notre Dame. We visited Notre Damn in 2007. In the big book of prayer we wrote my mother's name and John's aunt's name. Both were in poor health. We knelt in prayer for them. I also remembered my Dad telling me as a young soldier how he attended Mass there. I had the privilege of being there and now so many will not. All so very sad.

On that note get out and enjoy some Spring-ish weather. I live in Wisconsin and Spring is teasing us. And those are the best days of the year. Because we so delight in them and we are so needy.

Notre Dame


I feel heartbroken about this tremendous loss. We visited Notre Dame in 2007. In the big book of prayer we wrote my mother's name and John's Aunt's name. Both were in poor health. We knelt in prayer for them. I also remembered my Dad telling me as a young soldier how he attended Mass there. I had the privilege of being there and now so many will not. All so very sad. 

Art Therapy #21

Art Therapy is where Rae & Nancy make postcards and send them to each other. Yes, we get real mail.


This postcard sat on my desk for weeks, waiting to be finished. Until I figured out it was finished. I tend to overwork things so it felt good to not add any more. That little card with the girl would also surface in my desk mess endlessly. I love her energy and it seems like you as a little girl, Nancy.


I am less pleased with this illustration. But this, for me, is also an exercise of not remaking something 5 times until perfect. I used colored pencils and watercolor pencils. I really like the drawing until I overworked it. The black lines in the flower seem too harsh and I should have done something else with the handwriting. But I learned things, so that was good.


I think this postcard of Nancy’s tells it own story. And knowing Nancy as I do I see this card as where she is in her life.


Nancy’s comment with this illustration was… trying out a new style or maybe same old style just different paper and pencils.

I think it is a little of both.

Mail is good. I am always excited to see an oversized kraft envelope in the mail from Nancy.

Make someone’s day, send some real mail.

New fabrics!

I’ve spend time this Winter working on new fabrics for Spoonflower and I thought I would share my designs and inspiration.

nail polish fabric by Rae Kaiser

I am always intrigued by the bottle shapes as well as all the colors in nail polish. This could be fun in a tween bedroom, pillows maybe? Or wallpaper one wall? Maybe gift wrap her birthday gifts in the wrapping paper? Pastel colored nail polish fabric on Spoonflower

Eat your Fruits and Veggies

This print makes me think of a farm house kitchen with this pattern used in light weight cotton for curtains. Windows open, curtains blowing in a breeze. To be used with the Eat your Fruits and Veggies 4-up dish towels. Eat your Fruits and Veggies on Spoonflower

dishtowels from Spoonflower and Roostery

These four dishtowels on Spoonflower are printed on one yard of 54” wide cotton, linen, canvas fabric. You cut apart and hem. These make great gifts, everyone can use a new dishtowel, or two or four. Eat your Fruits and Veggies Dish Towels Spoonflower.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 2.45.06 PM.png

In addition, Roostery who is Spoonflower’s sister site sometimes has items in finished form. These dishtowels can be ordered already hemmed. Note that you get 2 dishtowels finished from Roostery, rather than 4 unfinished from Spoonflower. Eat your Fruits and Veggies Dish Towels on Roostery.

Baby bear fabic on Spoonflower

I see this baby bear design in a knit for a little onesie. Or wallpaper in the nursery. Or bibs. Nice little unisex pattern. Playful Baby Bear on Spoonflower

wilderness animal print on Spoonflower by Rae Kaiser of outside_the_line

My newest and favorite fabric so far. I wanted to do something in this type of interlocking pattern. I started by using images from many of my fonts. Then I drew some images as needed to fill in. Love the colors of charcoal and khaki. Same pattern in 2 colorways for versatility. Wilderness Animal Pattern Khaki on Charcoal. and Wilderness Animal Pattern Charcoal on Khaki


Last, but not least, is a new set of dish towels. I really, really like these. Just cut the 4 towels apart and hem.

Make matching table cloths, napkins, place mats, curtains, etc. from the yardage above. The yardage and dishtowels pattern vary a little.

Or do a wall of wallpaper.

There is also matching wrapping paper too in the 2 color ways .

Fun as a hostess gift when visiting the cabin or lake house.

If you are interested you can see my complete fabric collection here. Thanks! Rae

Japanese Sashiko Mending

I am learning this method of mending because I am tired of throwing out all my favorite flannel and denim work shirts. Oddly I wear out the elbows just when a shirt is becoming a favorite. In the 70s I did embroider on jean jackets. I find this easier on the fingers and more fun.


Sashiko is a hand-sewing technique that originated in ancient Japan. In Japanese, its name means “little stabs”—a reference to the plain running stitch. This type of mending or embroidery goes from the basic running stitch to more decorative stitches.

I ordered these two books from Amazon. Actually I ordered more books but settled on these two. Mending Matters talks about the Slow Fashion Movement and the opportunity to repair and reuse our favorite garments. Neither of these books are specifically Sashiko mending books but I am learning what I need to get started.

The Geometry of Hand-Sewing is another nice book. It has beautiful stitch illustrations and a vast array of stitches to ponder. What really sold me on this book are the two templates in the back with little holes to use as a pattern. I am sold on anything with a template.

You may not need any books. But I love books and love to read about whatever new thing I am going to do.

I bought the Sashiko needles and thread. I would say both are a must. The needles are nice and sharp and nice and long. The idea behind this mending is to be able to have 6 stitches on your needle before you pull the needles through. It is not happening for me because I am using a cotton, linen, canvas fabric for the patch. The thread is nice and strong and a tightly twisted heavy-weight cotton thread. You can use embroidery thread but I would not. Embroidery thread is multi strand and a soft thread. Since I want my mending to last I am using the right thread. I ordered both of these from Amazon also.

sashiko mending

I also got a fine point disappearing ink pen to draw my lines. I found that overnight some of the lines disappeared. Not sure if it is the pen or my choice of fabric. I was hesitant to draw harder and will try that next time. I am in a trial and error mode.

I started by cutting away the frayed fabric. I then cut a piece of fabric and put it behind the hole and stitched it in place.


I then drew some lines with the pen and did kind of an alternate running a stitch. You can really do what you want.


And here is the finished patch. Lots of things I like about this. I like the white thread on the soft blue and the addition of some vertical crosses. I do like it that my stitching is a bit irregular. As many of you may know I design fabric through Spoonflower. The best part is that I have a drawer full of swatches of my designs.

Next project will be a favorite gray and cream buffalo check shirt. And I get to use a black bear piece of my fabric.

If this inspires you or if you do this leave me a comment. I’d love to know what you make.

Mid Century Modern, a pictorial

IMG_4822 3.jpg

If you have never been to the Milwaukee Art Museum, the building is art in its self. My photo would have been better if there was not a ladder in the middle, but they were setting for a wedding. What a spectacular venue that would be.


We managed to catch the end of the “Design in Midcentury America” exhibit. It was a birthday overnighter for me. We stayed at The Plaza, a vintage hotel. I picked it because it was near both the art museum and the 3rd Ward. Unfortunately it did not have an elevator and had steep, old, terrasso steps. It has suites with kitchens and a great breakfast.


I truly enjoy Midcentury Modern, pretty much everything. Our condo has small scale rooms and this furniture really works here. I have some vintage chairs that I love.


These shapes and those colors….


I’ve always loved the El Producto cigar ads.

This is just a tiny selection of more than 200 whimsical graphics, surface design, furniture, toys etc. If you ever get a chance to see it you should.

Many ways to say I love you!

I know. Who wants to think Valentine’s Day when, like me, all the Christmas decorations are not put away. But it is just around the corner. These heart fonts are a great shortcut to a professional quickie invitation, kid’s valentines, lunch box notes, flyers etc. Endless choices.


Keep it simple in the new year. Here are 4 different heart fonts. $9 each for a limited time. Soooooo many uses for all those last minute things. The top 2 are my designs and the bottom 2 are Justine Childs.

You can see them here If you want to use these fonts to print things you want to sell contact Rae (using the Ask Rae link above) she would be delighted to chat with you.

Art Therapy #20

Hey we are back! This is where Rae and Nancy send each other postcards. We were weekly, but we are a bit, ok a lot more random right now. Nancy, of the traveling shoes, has landed and I was delighted to get a card from her. Hopefully we will get back to weekly postcards. So satisfying to get art and the written word in the mail.


An excerpt from the book that Nancy is writing.


These 2 images are from Nancy’s Naked People 2019 calendar. These 2 are among my favorites.


I have Christmas in my head. Christmas or Winter fabric. Also I need to do a series of NOLA (New Orleans) fabric because it is in my head begging to get out.

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 10.44.13 AM.png

This is a current entry in Minted’s sympathy card challenge. I like it because it is not the usual flowery sympathy card. Maybe it is too different.

I feel a need to change my style… or really expand my style. Over the Winter I am going to spend time with watercolors, colored pencils and Procreate on my seriously underused iPad. Plan to put a movie or music on and draw. I am also taking Jenna Kutcher’s Instagram Class with is packed with good info.

As Winter progress I hope you are all snuggled in. Christmas is almost here.