Art Therapy #21

Art Therapy is where Rae & Nancy make postcards and send them to each other. Yes, we get real mail.


This postcard sat on my desk for weeks, waiting to be finished. Until I figured out it was finished. I tend to overwork things so it felt good to not add any more. That little card with the girl would also surface in my desk mess endlessly. I love her energy and it seems like you as a little girl, Nancy.


I am less pleased with this illustration. But this, for me, is also an exercise of not remaking something 5 times until perfect. I used colored pencils and watercolor pencils. I really like the drawing until I overworked it. The black lines in the flower seem too harsh and I should have done something else with the handwriting. But I learned things, so that was good.


I think this postcard of Nancy’s tells it own story. And knowing Nancy as I do I see this card as where she is in her life.


Nancy’s comment with this illustration was… trying out a new style or maybe same old style just different paper and pencils.

I think it is a little of both.

Mail is good. I am always excited to see an oversized kraft envelope in the mail from Nancy.

Make someone’s day, send some real mail.

Art Therapy #16

Yes, it is postcard post time again! This is where Nancy and I exchange postcards that we make and send them through the mail.


Samsara: In Hinduism, the cycle of death + rebirth to which life in the material world is bound.


It appears that we started the new year with New Year's cards. Look carefully to see Nancy's wishes in the above shot. Nancy's is a collage and mine was made while cleaning my office. My rule is that I have to make my cards with what I have in my studio area. And to work quickly.

IMG_1078 2.jpg

Another thoughtful one from Nancy, meant to be a sort of New Year's resolution. She puts so much into her cards.


This is the view from my desk. Well, not today. Today it is all white and shades of grey and snowing. I want to paint again and want to do something abstract and quick looking. So these were some quick scribbles. And then I did 4 more. That is often my process. Although I think this was the first one.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.39.22 AM.png

New paint brushes, new watercolor pencils. Arteza 24 woodless watercolor pencils. I do like these. First I drew with these and then used a watercolor brush to soften some of the lines.

Screen Shot 2018-01-15 at 8.45.49 AM.png

I also love these. You can get intense color with these. Derwent Inktense Blocks. They are ink sticks. I know I did the red line with one of these. I waited until the paper was damp, not wet. When the paper was dry I went in again with a blue colored pencil and added some black lines for the waves too. These are great fun. Make some art today. You know you want to.

Art Therapy #15

Here we are again. This is where Rae and Nancy make art postcards and mail them to each other. My guess is that we exchanged our cards 30 weeks last year. So 30 times I went to the mail box and there was a slightly oversized kraft envelope from Nancy with something thoughtful or silly or fun.


My goal is always to do something quick because in all the other art things I do I think too much. I did a series of these Black Haired Girls. They were fun.


Inspiration came from this shot of 3 vintage mannequins. I am awaiting mine which is the first one. If anyone knows the age of these plz leave a comment. I am guessing they are from the 40s or 50s.


I have endless art supplies in my tiny office. I ran across a couple boxes of these silver and gold metal stars. In fact I glued them on everything, packages, cards etc.


Nancy and I seem to both be trying our hand at watercolour again. I particularly like the white space behind the flower. A reminder to me to leave some white space. Also like how she painted her leaves. Nice one!


Another bit of Spring just as the North has gotten cold and snowy. Thanks Nancy for that.

Back again in a couple weeks with more postcard art. In the mean time plz send some real mail to someone. It really does mean a lot. I have 3 friends in their 90s who I send a postcard to every week. It means a lot to them. And they tell me so.

Art Therapy #12

I wrote this post and then lost it. So here goes again. This is where Nancy and I make postcards and send them to each other.


This is a piece of art that I did for a Minted Challenge. I seem to do things 3 times before I get what I want. I did submit another one that I liked better. But still like this piece.


I took this picture and then altered it on my iPad. I wish I could remember the app. I like the creepy Halloween look.


I love Nancy's more complex cards. She said: "Just making up stories in my head and then thought I would try the blackout poetry that Austin Kleon does. Nice.

In closing plz send someone a piece of real mail. You have no idea how it can brighten their day. Just do it, it takes less time than you think.

Art Therapy #10

I think I am out of order here on postcards. But I've done some desk cleaning and these have surfaced. These baby bears are a fabric design for Minted's fabric contest that ends today. Couldn't you see sweet bedding with these little bears on it?

In the same Fabric Frenzy Challenge I did 3 Man Cave fabric designs. This one comes with a coordinating check fabric.

A place I feel like I have been to, but know I have not. The sepia photo makes me think of my grandparent's day... of rustic cabins 'up north'. Lakes without vacation homes. Quiet. Where men went to hunt, and maybe some women too.

Background shot is the modern day lake front in sunny bright color. not far down our shore.

It appears Nancy and I are both trying to get back to watercolor again. Such a difficult medium. I am really looking forward to my watercolor class next month.

Art Therapy #6

Here are Nancy's and my recent 2 weeks of postcards. This one is outrageously simple. These are from a set of souvenir photos. I like these two because if I was there and saw these places these are the exact photos I would take. As I did this postcard I was thinking about Nancy who has been talking about solitude and serenity a lot. These shots seemed to speak of that.

As always my postcards are made from things in my office. This one I feel so-so about but that is what this postcard exchange is all about. Trying new things. I don't think I have the feel for collage. Since it is not my passion that is fine. You can't be good at everything. Pick something you are good at and become great at it.

The color is off on this one. The background should be more kraft. This is a drawing of sheer curtains Nancy has been thinking about making for a long time. She is gathering material. Can't wait to see the final product. I really liked this drawing and Nancy liked my solitude and serenity one. So we traded. Nice to get a bit of art that speaks to each of us.

And here is a good note to end on. It says it all.

Do check out my first fabric in my Wilderness Doodles Collection. Link top right.

And feel free to leave a comment. Finally the comment link is working again.

Art Therapy #3

WEEK #5... Nancy's theme was what is your favorite body part.

Interesting that both Nancy and I created something that looked somewhat alike this week.

WEEK #6... Do whatever you want.


Why is there no theme this week? I had a mini meltdown. Too much to do. Not getting it done. Feeling overwhelmed, blah, blah, blah. Nancy said we could just quit because this is suppose to be fun. She then suggested we just do something and send it. Then it became fun again. Whew.

Sadly this is not a good photo. My scanner had died and I was waiting for a new one. It was very gold glittery which made it sparkly and fun. My goals in doing these is to just do something. I think a lot about everything I do. So with these I am just allowing myself to do something and start over just once. Just do it!

Again, I really like Nancy's. I think this week we did our best art yet. I do think that doing whatever we want may get better work, or maybe some useful work. Nancy used her graphic as a Facebook header. How fun.

I must say it is really fun to get something creative and wonderful in the mail.

Cards for a Cause...


Grace Bonney from Design Sponge fame is asking for donations of stationery and letter writing supplies. These supplies will will help so many people in need to be able to tell their stories and communicate with their elected officials.

I live in the great and cold state of Wisconsin and I mail my postcards to Solidarity Sunday.

SolSun Milwaukee
Jocelyn Szczepaniak-Gillece
3120 N Weil
Milwaukee, WI 53212

No idea where the rest of you mail yours but I assume you could also send it to SolSun Milwaukee.

For me there is an added bonus. These postcards are old inventory and I am in the middle of my Winter office cleaning and organizing. I am getting rid of 50 postcards and it will go to a good cause. As I clean who knows what else I will find.

And if you don't follow Design Sponge you really should. I have been for years.