Art Therapy #3

WEEK #5... Nancy's theme was what is your favorite body part.

Interesting that both Nancy and I created something that looked somewhat alike this week.

WEEK #6... Do whatever you want.


Why is there no theme this week? I had a mini meltdown. Too much to do. Not getting it done. Feeling overwhelmed, blah, blah, blah. Nancy said we could just quit because this is suppose to be fun. She then suggested we just do something and send it. Then it became fun again. Whew.

Sadly this is not a good photo. My scanner had died and I was waiting for a new one. It was very gold glittery which made it sparkly and fun. My goals in doing these is to just do something. I think a lot about everything I do. So with these I am just allowing myself to do something and start over just once. Just do it!

Again, I really like Nancy's. I think this week we did our best art yet. I do think that doing whatever we want may get better work, or maybe some useful work. Nancy used her graphic as a Facebook header. How fun.

I must say it is really fun to get something creative and wonderful in the mail.