Art Therapy #6

Here are Nancy's and my recent 2 weeks of postcards. This one is outrageously simple. These are from a set of souvenir photos. I like these two because if I was there and saw these places these are the exact photos I would take. As I did this postcard I was thinking about Nancy who has been talking about solitude and serenity a lot. These shots seemed to speak of that.

As always my postcards are made from things in my office. This one I feel so-so about but that is what this postcard exchange is all about. Trying new things. I don't think I have the feel for collage. Since it is not my passion that is fine. You can't be good at everything. Pick something you are good at and become great at it.

The color is off on this one. The background should be more kraft. This is a drawing of sheer curtains Nancy has been thinking about making for a long time. She is gathering material. Can't wait to see the final product. I really liked this drawing and Nancy liked my solitude and serenity one. So we traded. Nice to get a bit of art that speaks to each of us.

And here is a good note to end on. It says it all.

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