Art Therapy #21

Art Therapy is where Rae & Nancy make postcards and send them to each other. Yes, we get real mail.


This postcard sat on my desk for weeks, waiting to be finished. Until I figured out it was finished. I tend to overwork things so it felt good to not add any more. That little card with the girl would also surface in my desk mess endlessly. I love her energy and it seems like you as a little girl, Nancy.


I am less pleased with this illustration. But this, for me, is also an exercise of not remaking something 5 times until perfect. I used colored pencils and watercolor pencils. I really like the drawing until I overworked it. The black lines in the flower seem too harsh and I should have done something else with the handwriting. But I learned things, so that was good.


I think this postcard of Nancy’s tells it own story. And knowing Nancy as I do I see this card as where she is in her life.


Nancy’s comment with this illustration was… trying out a new style or maybe same old style just different paper and pencils.

I think it is a little of both.

Mail is good. I am always excited to see an oversized kraft envelope in the mail from Nancy.

Make someone’s day, send some real mail.

Art Therapy #19

As you know this is where Nancy and I send art postcards to each other.


These 2 cards are mine. Both are entries into the Minted/Target contest. I like them both but I really like the first one. I really like the shapes and color palette. Always hoping for a win.

Scan 1.jpeg
Scan 2.jpeg
Scan 3.jpeg

I really like these 2 postcards of Nancy's. As usual interesting and thoughtful. Love her poem too.

We have been doing this since after the election. I think Nancy is putting on her traveling shoes. There is a possibility that this may be the last post for a while. No matter what it has been a good ride.

Art Therapy #18

Yes, as you know this is where Rae and Nancy make art postcards and mail them to each other to bring some art and and sanity into our lives.

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 5.44.08 AM.png

This is a change of address postcard. It will be available early April at Hatch Art House here in Madison as well as here on my site. Perfect housewarming gift or a closing gift for all realtors. Sold in packs of either 20 or 40.


Here I am playing with the brushes in Procreate on my new iPad. I can see how this is going to be a great tool. Once I learn it. So much to learn, so little time. Always.


Again trying out art supplies... markers, nail polish and stick on letters. Not crazy about this but then we don't love everything we make.


Here is an interesting non-postcard from Nancy. It is a pop up card that she made. She said if I liked it I could keep it. I do and it will go in my ever expanding Christmas file.

As I have said Nancy is multi talented. She writes, sings and is a band. Here she is singing her 3rd song. Enjoy and see you next week.

Art Therapy #13

Screen Shot 2017-08-31 at 9.54.19 AM.png

If you don't know, this is where Rae & Nancy make postcards and send them to each other. We have been busy and are slacking off a little.

My postcard above is cacti illustrations I did for a Minted wrapping paper challenge. That arrangement is slightly different with more white space. But I like both the drawings and the colors a lot. I can't wait to be able to buy some!


I love to make soup. Especially in a snowstorm. Trust me this is the best tomato soup ever. Of course this is the basic recipe. Like my grandma, I add a little of this and a little of that. I know I add more honey. The basic recipe is from the From Asparagus to Zucchini cookbook. A Madison guide to cooking farm-fresh seasonal produce. It is always a bit of a garbage soup. I may toss in any appropriate veggies in the fridge that need to be eaten. I also use my immersion blender to create a nice smooth soup. Perfect with a baguette from Batch Bakehouse. Closest baguette I have found to the ones in Paris.


Nancy's postcards are all wonderfully thoughtful. She has gone through some well thought out changes in her life. She is really brave and honest with her actions, although she would probably say she is not. But I think she is wrong. She is a friend of many years that I am lucky to have.

"Courage transforms the emotional structure of our being. During the process of rising we sometimes find ourselves homesick for a place that no longer exists. We want to go back to that moment before we walked into the arena... straddling the tension that lies between wanting to go back to the moment before we risked + fell + being pulled forward to even greater courage is an inexhaustible part of the rising strong." - Rising Strong, Brene Brown


Among many other things Nancy is writer. This is an excerpt from her book, Get Lost: The Adventures of Ruby O'Hara.

Nancy and I are taking October off. She is off to writer's workshops and visiting her girls. I am ever so busy with Minted and will start illustrations for a well-known retail store. I think we will be back in November. Until then.....

Art Therapy #12

I wrote this post and then lost it. So here goes again. This is where Nancy and I make postcards and send them to each other.


This is a piece of art that I did for a Minted Challenge. I seem to do things 3 times before I get what I want. I did submit another one that I liked better. But still like this piece.


I took this picture and then altered it on my iPad. I wish I could remember the app. I like the creepy Halloween look.


I love Nancy's more complex cards. She said: "Just making up stories in my head and then thought I would try the blackout poetry that Austin Kleon does. Nice.

In closing plz send someone a piece of real mail. You have no idea how it can brighten their day. Just do it, it takes less time than you think.