font friday... 2011 typodarium calendar...

I am thrilled to be holding the 2011 Typodarium in my hot little hands. It is a font page-a-day calendar. And 4 of my fonts are in it! I love fonts and page-a-day calendars so I am a very happy camper.

Typodarium 2011 is the daily typography dose. A tear-off calendar, just like the one our grandma used to hang in the kitchen. But this calendar unveils a new font everyday. We can therefore have, a whole year long, the chance to broaden our knowledge, to discover the font's history and developement. On the front, the font will be prominently displayed, and on the back it will be described in detail.

Like in 2009 and 2010 Typodarium 2011 is published by Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz (over 10.000 copies, coming along in design- and museum shops and selected bookstores around the world).

Format: 8,5 x 12 cm, 365 fonts, 368 pages

June 1 is Yourz Truly

July 17 is Hodgepodge

October 4 is Best Regardz

December 9 is Dearest John