customer service... dead or alive?

We are in the throes of 4 home improvement projects. So we need stuff from stores to make that happen. I forgot how much I hate to shop for washers, dryers, counter top-type stuff.

First I end up in stores I don’t like. Looking at things I need but do want to spend my money on. So it is even more important that these stores are nice to me. And do what they say.

After many phone calls doing some washer/dryer comparison shopping we headed out to Menards. They had a $300 store credit if we bought there. The snag is that we need to have it delivered and hoisted over a second floor balcony. No outside the box thinking there. The young woman just kept repeating that they will send only one guy. We kept explaining that it will take 3 guys. Long story short WE could call their other store that has a big truck and see if they would do this for us. But they would also only send one guy and we’d have to pay an additional delivery charge. So we would need to provide 2 additional guys, more than likely on Menards random time table. Like I have 2 big guys here just hanging around waiting to move heavy objects.

We also picked up our special order small piece of white counter top. When putting it in the car John noticed that the edge was chipped. This was after we had to call and see if it was in, no email to let us know it was there, as promised.

They did say they were sorry but it felt like we’re sorry plz leave now so we don’t have too see that you are unhappy.

Now the night before we go to a store I do like... the Apple Store. A place where I actually like to spend money. John had a computer issue with corrupt fonts that I could not figure out and he was having an iPhone problem. Not only were both problems fixed by friendly, smart, pleasant people who  kept apologizing to me that I was having to wait a short time but they replaced John’s new ear buds that HE broke. For free, with a smile. None of this cost a penny.

All the way home we talked about how great the whole experience was and by replacing the $29 ear buds we love them even more. That is why Apple has a cult following...

And last night after our Menards experience we chatted about how we are so not going to buy the washer/dryer there, in fact we will not buy anything there. And because they will not make the delivery easy they will lose out on a $1000+ sale. The worst part is that it appears that they don’t care and won’t even notice.

Oh yes... this was after we were on hold so long with Best Buy that we eliminated them from the possible list. If they can't even talk to you I think we know what kind of customer service they have.