vote for Rae!


actually vote for my t-shirt. (Sorry for the shameless self promotion). I very rarely enter contests but I do like my co-op and wanted to make sure there was a good t-shirt to vote for. And I had this cute font of fruit and veggies that seemed perfect.

To vote you must be a member of the Willy Street Co-op. If you are you can go here and vote for my shirt.


what is on the drawing board


Here is a rough scan of the start to Farm Doodles. Living in the Midwest makes this one a breeze. Or at least it is so far.Co-opTee2013-copy

This is my submission to the local co-op's t-shirt contest. I don't like contests but I do want my co-op to have a nice shirt. So I thought I should participate. When it is time to vote I may ask locals who are members to vote for mine. The veggies are from my Fruit & Veggie Doodles and the type is Ultra Condensed Lettered.

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.35.49 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.33.14 PM

Screen Shot 2013-03-12 at 4.34.27 PM

And this is part of a collection of fabric I am playing with. You've seen the hearts on my header and as the I Love You More Than Bacon card. I think it should be fabric. And I am trying my hand at a collection of fabric. I like the dots but not sure what else to do? Stripes? Big hearts? All you quilters out there feel free to weigh in on what you would would like to see to go with this collection.

Back to work for me... hope you are having a creative week.


happy hour doodles & giveaway


happy Hour Doodles is done and out for testing! This little font practically drew itself. The inspiration for this font came from a contest I entered on By the time I had drawn enough illustrations for the fabric I had over half a font done. So I finished it off.

And I did a matching postcard too.

Font will probably be for sale early 2013. If anyone needs it before that email me and I can get it to you sooner.

And now I am on to my yearly birthday card. I might make a couple and put them in my etsy store... more on that soon.

As you know Zinio is giving me 10 free digital magazine subscriptions. You can take a peek here at

If you would like to get in on the giveaway you need to do 2 things.

1. Go to

2. Share this post.

You need to do this from this post as Facebook does not allow Giveaways on their pages.

Contest will run for nine posts. I’ll choose one winner daily and contact you through Facebook.

Each person can only win one magazine but you can up your chances by entering daily.

Enjoy and Happy Holidaze!

cocktail party art continues...


Here are just some snippets of the cocktail party art. Above is art for napkins for a contest on  Below is a corresponding fabric print. Now it is on to the postcards, setting up the etsy store and then I'll finish up the font.

Thank you to Pam, Rhonda, John and anyone else who voted for my dishtowel art on I really appreciate it. Voting for that contest closes tomorrow.

cocktail party art

working on a collection of cocktail party artwork for an upcoming contest for Holiday Cocktail Party Napkins. Eventually this artwork will be...

~ fabric for cocktail napkins

~ fabric, to be used anyway you want... maybe tablecloths, a table runner?

~ postcards  and invitation party postcards for my future etsy store

~ and in the end a font....

It looks like it will be a nice work week.



books on fabric design

  i've always LOVED fabric and have a sewing machine and can sew. I don't really love to sew though but I do like fabric. I've looked at patterned fabrics since my Mom taught me to sew when I was quite young.

My last font Flower & Leaf Borders font does verge on textile design. So I've decided I am done making fonts for this year and will spend some time exploring fabric design.

I just finished this book which is a wealth of knowledge. She explains the process from beginning to end.

And I am ready to start reading this book, which looks equally interesting and full of great information.

I've started playing around with some patterns and may share those later in the week. Where this takes me I have no idea. I'd love to license some designs to a fabric company, I may also use my patterns on postcards and offer them in bundles. So that may mean an etsy store. I just don't know yet but this is all a lot of fun.

If you are at all interested in fabric design you can get these books here.