art + socks = bliss


When I was in grade school I knew who Charley Harper was. I certainly did not learn about him in my Catholic grade school art class. My uncle was a printer and each Winter on a Sunday at grandma's house we would pour over the big books of Christmas cards. Those cards were then ordered and would have our names already printed on them. I loved those books. My favorite cards were any with Charley Harper art on it. I do remember an iconic red cardinal card that I do think we sent one year. I was mesmerized by how he drew.



I rarely shop. I am hard to buy for. I have what I need. I do like nice things though. And I really like toasty, warm socks. I almost always wear hand-knit socks or Smartwool socks. I even darned my favorite pair of Smartwool striped black socks. I know I do obsess over some things.

And this week I came home to this package of bliss on my doorstep. Not sure it gets much better than this. Charley Harper Smartwool socks. They are a wear now weight and a limited collection. So if you want some art for your feet check out the collection.

Disclaimer: These socks were a gift from a friend (thanks Sarah!). I have no arrangement with Smartwool. I just wish I did.


embroidery patterns are here!


Yes, the embroidery patterns I have been talking about are now done and for sale! Of course my favorite one is the alphabet sampler. If you think this is a bit complicated head on over to Stitch Supply Co. to get your pattern and get in on the Stitch-Along. That is were the uber stitcher Ann Sandler shows you what you need to know.



The designs are mine, often based on the illustrations I did for my doodle fonts. But the idea and end product are Ann's. You can find her at or on Instagram: StitchSupplyCo #stitchsupplyco.


xmaspattern I am thinking ahead to my next pattern. Which would you like to see?

1. a set of monogram alphabets in 2 sizes with borders

2. a map of Paris

3. days of the week dishtowels

Leave a comment!


NOLA fabric


Mardi Gras or New Orleans fabric made using icons from my New Orleans Doodles font. Since I am not a fan of the Mardi Gras purple, green and yellow palette I used black and white. This print is offered as fabric or wallpaper. I can see this fabric made into napkins or a tablecloth for a Mardi Gras party or a hip New Orleans wedding. How fun would it be to use this as wallpaper on one wall in a small room. You can see it here.

cards and fabric and wallpaper, oh my


new birthday cards, new fabric and the same pattern in wallpaper. Yes I am old school and like to send and receive birthday cards. (I think I got 17 for my recent birthday!) I like any form of real mail where someone actually writes in their own handwriting. Three years ago I made my own cards and had a year's worth printed and have been doing it each year since. I guess am my mother's daughter. She always had boxes of cards. They had a range of holidays, birthday, sympathy, congratulations... I also like having cards in the house especially Sympathy and Birthday. This year I made 2 cards using icons from several of my fonts, most of which came from Birthday Doodles. And they are printed and in my etsy store. I also have used the print in my spoonflower shop and it is available in fabric or wallpaper. If you live in Madison the cards are available at Hatch Art House.

plz vote for me...

Screen Shot 2012-12-14 at 11.27.44 AM  

Cakes, cookies and candy is the theme of my new fabric design. This will also eventually be a birthday card in my etsy store.

The fabric is part of a contest that ends on Wednesday. If you are so inclined you could vote for me here  Mine is Sweet Cakes & Candy by Outside the Line.

The winner will be the design that receives the greatest number of votes by the time contest voting closes on December 19, 2012, at 6pm EST. Voting is restricted to one voting session per person, with multiple voting disqualified.

Thanks much!


christmas cards & tea towels


First batch of Christmas cards are at Hatch Art House!


Some of you have been asking about the calendar which is now for sale here. This is fabric NOT a finished product. I ordered one and will probably frame it. If you are ordering it for a dishtowel buy a heavier fabric (you choose the fabric they print it on.) I think the colors are accurate but not as intense as the picture here. That is the difference between seeing it on a monitor and it being printed on fabric.

And getting closer on the etsy store....