books on fabric design

  i've always LOVED fabric and have a sewing machine and can sew. I don't really love to sew though but I do like fabric. I've looked at patterned fabrics since my Mom taught me to sew when I was quite young.

My last font Flower & Leaf Borders font does verge on textile design. So I've decided I am done making fonts for this year and will spend some time exploring fabric design.

I just finished this book which is a wealth of knowledge. She explains the process from beginning to end.

And I am ready to start reading this book, which looks equally interesting and full of great information.

I've started playing around with some patterns and may share those later in the week. Where this takes me I have no idea. I'd love to license some designs to a fabric company, I may also use my patterns on postcards and offer them in bundles. So that may mean an etsy store. I just don't know yet but this is all a lot of fun.

If you are at all interested in fabric design you can get these books here.