zenni optical


New fun, very reasonably priced glasses. With shipping I think these cost $31. But I do have a simple prescription. It was news to me that you could order glasses online. You, of course, have to have your prescription. I got these at ZenniOptical.com. HH (handsome hubby) thought they looked sexy, I think they look librarian-ish. So I guess these are the Sexy Librarian glasses. I think they should give all their frames names. If they are too busy they could always call me and I'll do it.

I only need glasses for close work and driving. And my last ones were rather expensive so I thought it would be fun to have something more playful that I didn't pay a lot for.


 Frame #489725 | $25.95 | Tortoiseshell

I like these a lot. And at this price I don't have to love them forever. I wanted a plastic frame but didn't want to break the bank.

PROS: Reasonably priced. Many to choose from.

CONS: Sort of middle of the road frames, not really different. You need your prescription. And of course you have to somehow get them adjusted.




Kind of cool thing is that you put a scan of your face in and then just try on glasses. But I have put in both John's picture and my own and have yet to get my face the correct size and in the right spot so the glasses are the right size and centered over the eyes correctly. And I tried several times and I am a graphic artist so one would think I would have the required skills. I emailed their chat line and they didn't have a solution. There is also the chance that I am fussier about everything and this won't bother anyone else.

I've heard that they are other online places that sell glasses too. So while it is a bit of work, if you aren't too fussy you can get some fun glasses cheap.

(Thanks Kaycee and Pat for the tip on this site!)