life on mars, uk tv series


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we are sadly almost done with this British TV series which aired from 2006 - 2007. Two more episodes and we are done. While I would say it is not for everyone we are enjoying it. Since it is older it is a little hard to find. I got the first year on Netflix and then wondered why it ended without more resolution. Then our friend Susan let us know that there was a another whole season. It was not on Netflix which is why I didn't think there was more. I am getting the second season from the library. I enjoy British shows. I would say the dialog is fast paced and in the beginning a little hard to understand.

Wikipedia says: Life on Mars tells the fictional story of Sam Tyler (John Simms), a policeman in service with the Greater Manchester Police. After being hit by a car in 2006, Tyler awakens in 1973 to find himself working for the predecessor of the GMP, the Manchester and Salford Police at the same station and location as in 2006. "My name is Sam Tyler, I had an accident and I woke up in 1973. Am I mad, in a coma, or back in time? Whatever's happened, it's like I've landed on a different planet. Maybe if I can work out the reason, I can get home..." Early on in the series, it becomes apparent to Tyler that he awakes as a Detective Inspector, one rank lower than his 2006 rank of Detective Chief Inspector. As part of the Criminal Investigation Department, Tyler finds himself working under the command of Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister).

Throughout the two series, the plot centres on the ambiguity concerning Tyler's predicament of it being unclear to both the audience and the character whether he has died, gone mad or into a coma, or has actually traveled back in time.

Be sure and get the British series rather than the American version.

(Thanks Susan for the recommendation.)