iphone tips


two things I've been stuck on. Paul at the Apple store helped me but I thought I would share here in case you are having the same issues.


1. At some point in time I changed the alarm on my phone to the obnoxious, wheezing, old car sound. Not a pleasant way to wake up from a nap. Then I forgot how I did it. Here is how you change it... http://www.wikihow.com/Set-an-Alarm-on-an-iPhone-Clock


2. Since I am texting more I am more irritated by the tiny type I can't read without my glasses. Here is how to change that... http://www.wikihow.com/Change-The-Font-Size-on-an-iPhone  Unfortunately it goes from the too small type to 20 point which is bigger than I would like. I'd probably like 16 point but it does not appear to be an option.

I was quite pleased to have stumbled upon www.wikihow.com. A new resource for all those things I think about in the middle of the night.