snap pen app!

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Snap Pen App is for the iPhone or the iPad. Very simple and easy to use.

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Send directions to your friends.

Image-1 copy 3

Make comments on photos.

Image-1 copy


Comment on the weather....

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Or create a graphic for an invitation...


Or add some copy to the cutest baby picture ever.

So easy to use. I just used my finger to write most of these. When I tried a stylus I had better control. Easy, fun and a good addition to my app library.


iphone tips


two things I've been stuck on. Paul at the Apple store helped me but I thought I would share here in case you are having the same issues.


1. At some point in time I changed the alarm on my phone to the obnoxious, wheezing, old car sound. Not a pleasant way to wake up from a nap. Then I forgot how I did it. Here is how you change it...


2. Since I am texting more I am more irritated by the tiny type I can't read without my glasses. Here is how to change that...  Unfortunately it goes from the too small type to 20 point which is bigger than I would like. I'd probably like 16 point but it does not appear to be an option.

I was quite pleased to have stumbled upon A new resource for all those things I think about in the middle of the night.


instafood app and a new salad

IMG_1706 IMG_1705


yum! I am enjoying the new app InstaFood. Nicely designed graphics or skins. I am always taking photos of food. I would prefer that it did not add the location especially since I take a lot of photos at home. I imagine I can figure out how to turn that off. Also not crazy about the logo in the top right. But a great way to shoot and post somewhere immediately.

A location based Food Photo App to let everyone know exactly where and when and What you Ate in that photo.

Location overlay will give you a chance to share with friends what you’re eating in real time!

Beautifully crafted custom skins will give your food photos PROFESSIONAL, CLEANER and more ELEGANT look.

You can add whatever text you wish, plus the name of the location (custom or geolocated from Foursquare or Facebook) where you are snapping the photo.

Take Photo and add the skin of your choice and customize it to your liking. Then instantly share it on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Weibo, Tumblr or Flickr.


And here are the ingredients for the salad in the photo above. It is soooooo good. I am inspired to eat better because we got a new refrigerator retiring the awful one that came with our condo. We also got a membership to Costco. They have really nice produce. The salad is organic greens, goat cheese, a nut mix of edaname, pumpkin seeds and almonds, dried cranberries and a lite raspberry vinegrette. Just the right mix of crunch, salty and sweet. Enjoy!


mac tip #8



really cool tip. This is for an iPhone or iPad and Safari.

1. Open a  blog post in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. 2. See the gray button that says Reader.


3. Click on the Reader button and you get a much more readable version of the post. It takes out all the clutter. This will be especially helpful on your iPhone.

(Thanks Paul, Apple Store Genius!)



just discovered Flipboard. As I am surfing fabric design related blogs I decided to follow them all through Flipboard on my iPad.

iTunes says: Beautifully designed for iPad and iPhone, Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed and Google+ Circles, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends, videos from YouTube, and much more. 

Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from niche blogs to publications like The New York Times and Rolling Stone, and use Instapaper or Readability to save articles to read later. Flipboard creates a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you. 

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you can flip through your newsfeeds and timelines from YouTube, Instagram, Google Reader, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Flickr, 500px, Sina Weibo and Renren on Flipboard. 

See why Flipboard has been named Apple's iPad App of the Year, one of TIME's Top 50 Innovations, the top social app at the 2012 Webby Awards, the Brit Insurance Interactive Design of the Year, and other accolades.

I am still very new to this and am still setting it all up. But I know I am going to love it.

portfolio for my ipad

since I am researching fabric design and making some patterns this seemed like a really good time to use my new iPad which I have not really spent much time with.

I want my iPad to be a tool as well as a toy. I downloaded Portfolio and am pleased so far. I know I can customized it to my branding if I was ever to use this to show clients work. Right now I am using it as a place to put all the patterns I am working on. Monday I am meeting with my artist's group and this is an easy way to show them what I am working on.

I upload all my files from my computer to DropBox and then in Dropbox on my iPad I download into Portfolio and Bob's Your Uncle.

I think it was $14.99. It is robust and a good organizational tool so I think it is well worth it.

ColorID for the iPhone

reading A Field Guide to Fabric Design lead me to ColorID. I love color and my husband John always says I have 'perfect color' the way others have perfect pitch. And since I always have my iPhone with me this is going to be a great new app. What makes this app so usable is that you take a picture and the color is converted to readouts in CMYK, RGB, HEX, HSV and LAB values. This save me from having to import the photo and use the Digital Color Meter which only gives me RGB and then going into an Adobe product for the CMYK.

Possibly you read that and thought blah, blah, blah color. If you are a designer you know this is a very good thing.

I can't wait to try this out on my walks. And it was only $1.99. Big, cheap fun.

iPad3 & bamboo stylus!

yes I finally did it. I broke down and got an iPad! It will be a bit of a toy but will also be for serious creative work. I cannot wait to spend some time with it. Right now I am downloading apps which is good fun in itself.

And my dear friend Laurie earlier this year gave me this very nice Bamboo stylus. Can't wait to download some drawing programs so I can use this. If you are looking for a stylus I do like this one. Nice tip, nice weight to the pen. I like using a stylus all the time, it eliminates smeary fingerprints on the screen.

Laurie also sent me this little stylus. Love it that it snaps into the headphone port. If I am typing I like this as I am faster. Plus no smeary fingerprints. If you want some of these just search ebay. I think you can get 8 of them or so for very little money.

(Thanks again Laurie!)