ipad tip


Sooner or later you will fill up your iPad. I noticed this when I got the alert that I did not have room to update my apps. I started by deleting apps I did not use. But that didn't do it. I didn't know how to figure out what was hogging the space.

My Apple genius friend Paul showed me how. Go to Settings > General > Storage and you can see what is using up the most space. In this case I have 5 Zinio magazines that are taking up the most space. Also need to make some hard decisions on lots of other things too. But at least now I know where to start.

new keyboard and stylus and procreate



two new accessories for my iPad! And good ones. My goal is not to turn on my work computer on the weekends. So I got this very nice bluetooth keyboard for my iPad so I can do email. Also got this new fat nib stylus because I want to try and draw my next font using my iPad.


The Logitech keyboard has no cords and synced easily, always a bonus. The Just Mobile stylus has a nice fat, bold stroke when used in Procreate. (Still like my bamboo stylus too.)


The carrying case for the keyboard flips into a stand for the iPad. I can use the iPad either vertically or horizontally, always a bonus.

Screen Shot 2013-07-02 at 8.37.37 AM

I would not even consider trying to make a font on the iPad except for Procreate. Whether I can do it still remains to be seen. I want to make a marker alphabet font with rough edges. That is hard to do by hand because I need to use half used markers which will not last through a whole font. I will probably have to create my own brush which is fine. Procreate does comes with 48 brushes and there are 72 additional brush sets. It is $4.99 and each brush set is just 99 cents in the Apple Store. Now that my website is updated this is my next project. Hope this works as this font has been in my head for several years now.

If you are interested in any of the other tools for your iPad links are below. Have fun!

(Thanks Ann & Laurie for the product tips!)