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this has been bugging me for almost 2 years. When I switched iPhones my music did not transfer and I could not figure out how to get it from my Mac to my iPhone. I finally did a little research and downloaded iTools and that took care of that. For some reason I still could not get it to work through iTunes but this works just fine. And soon it will be time for a new phone. This time I won't wait 2 years.

brighton hipstapak lens and film for your iphone

IMG_1933new lens and film from Hipstamatic. This lens and film caught my eye because I take a lot of water shots. I have noticed that to get the above shot the water has to be deep blue. It also helped that the water had a nice sparkle to it that day. Hipstamatic is a camera app for your iPhone. It has many, many different lens and films for you to play with. Use as suggested or mix and match.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.58.08 AM

The Doris lens gives you sunny saturation and contrast for your beach shots. Sussex film adds grit, warmth and those slightly burnt edges to your photos.

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 10.57.48 AM

And all this Summer fun for only 99 cents. Who can beat that.


fun iphone camera apps



Here are 4 fun camera apps for the iPhone. I use them all. I like adding different effects to photos. This one is XnSketch. I think I've blogged about it before.


This one is Vintique. One of may possible filters. All of these little apps have many, many filters. Lots of ways to spend time while in the car.


Here is ClassicINSTA. I like using the same photo in many apps to see what I get. Some photos work better in some apps than others.

Image copy

For a little retro fun here is XnRetro. Enjoy!


mac tip #8



really cool tip. This is for an iPhone or iPad and Safari.

1. Open a  blog post in Safari on your iPhone or iPad. 2. See the gray button that says Reader.


3. Click on the Reader button and you get a much more readable version of the post. It takes out all the clutter. This will be especially helpful on your iPhone.

(Thanks Paul, Apple Store Genius!)

photo magic

IMG_1381 IMG_1383








PhotoMagic is an easy-to-use and cool app to enhance your photos with exceptional filter effects, lighting effects and frame styles. Created with friendly and artistic interfaces plus plenty photo effects and styles, anyone can magically turn photos into stunning artwork in a few clicks.

Taking photos is just the beginning, and enhancing photos in special and artistic ways is to guarantee your photos much cooler and more memorable. A great amount of state-of-the-art photographic effects and styles on PhotoMagic promise you eye-catching photos.

I really am enjoying some of these filters.

This was a free iPhone app I got using App Gratis.

app gratis for the iPhone

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 10.43.38 AM  

This is just what it says it is. Every day you can download 1 FREE app. I've gotten a couple of good ones I didn't know about. It is free for 24 hours.

Download the App Gratis app from the iTunes store and you get an email everyday about the free app of the day.

How easy is that?



just discovered Flipboard. As I am surfing fabric design related blogs I decided to follow them all through Flipboard on my iPad.

iTunes says: Beautifully designed for iPad and iPhone, Flipboard creates a personalized magazine out of everything being shared with you. Flip through your Facebook newsfeed and Google+ Circles, tweets from your Twitter timeline, photos from Instagram friends, videos from YouTube, and much more. 

Fill Flipboard with the things you like to read, from niche blogs to publications like The New York Times and Rolling Stone, and use Instapaper or Readability to save articles to read later. Flipboard creates a single place to enjoy, browse, comment on and share all the news, photos and updates that matter to you. 

In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Google+, you can flip through your newsfeeds and timelines from YouTube, Instagram, Google Reader, LinkedIn, SoundCloud, Tumblr, Flickr, 500px, Sina Weibo and Renren on Flipboard. 

See why Flipboard has been named Apple's iPad App of the Year, one of TIME's Top 50 Innovations, the top social app at the 2012 Webby Awards, the Brit Insurance Interactive Design of the Year, and other accolades.

I am still very new to this and am still setting it all up. But I know I am going to love it.

william tell overture ringtone


i've hated my ringtone on my iPhone for over a year. I have a cute one for John (Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay Black) but hate the obnoxious other one for everyone else. My problem is that too many phones have the same one and I don't notice mine. But watching Season 5 of Doc Martin the constable's phone rang and it was the William Tell Overture which was also the opening theme song for the Lone Ranger TV show.

I LOVED the Lone Ranger! We had a cowboy bedroom and I had the best cowboy boots ever. My Dad watched Westerns. I remember sitting on the floor while he lay on the couch watching them. And learning that the good guys had the white hats and white horses and the bad guys had black hats and black horses. If only life was that easy now. Except that I really do like to wear black, so maybe not.

So my ringtone is a wonderful childhood memory. I had to listen to several and went with the William Tell Overture version rather than the one that has Hi Ho Silver in it.

Whew, one more thing done and out of my head.