new weather app for the iphone...

I've been thinking about getting a weather radio. Weather is more important to me now living on a lake. Weather is so much bigger here. We have no garage so twice when I knew hail was coming I have had to run out and blanket my little car and wrestle the car cover on to it. Plus if the lake gets high we need to pay attention to the lake rising and the sump pump working. But I didn't really want a weather radio squawking at me all day long. The 19th this $9.99 iPhone app was offered free to the first 100,000 people. So I got it.

It will only tell me about bad weather near enough to me that I should pay attention. (You do need to set it up by putting in your location and choosing which alerts you want.) It is called iMapWeather Radio and you can get it at the Apple App Store. It is available for the iPad also.  Even at $9.99 it is cheaper than a radio which I would have put somewhere. And would not always have a radio with me. The link below will take you to the app.

Sunday night we had severe weather and this app alerted me twice. And it gave accurate weather readings for what was going on at our location not all of Dane County or the surrounding counties. Nice.

iMapWeather Radio - Weather Decision Technologies, Inc.

Full Disclosure... I am an Apple Affiliate but I would have gotten this anyway. I have 2 other weather apps but think this one will be the best for severe weather.