milton glaser: to inform and delight...

Milton Glaser: To Inform and Delight

2009NR 73 minutes

His name might not be very familiar, but the works of graphic artist Milton Glaser -- whose prolific output includes the "I Love NY" ad campaign, as well as album covers for Townes Van Zandt and Nina Simone -- are recognizable to many. Revisiting the famed paintings, drawings, logos, prints, posters and other works by Glaser, filmmaker Wendy Keys creates a rich and engaging mosaic of a key figure in American iconography. - Netflix

I am of course familiar with who Milton Glaser is. Both John and I found this documentary to be great fun and of course a flash from the past. The '60s and '70s we such a visual delight. Glaser is so talented and interesting and such a visinary. This is a must-see for all graphic artists, or those in advertising. I enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed Art & Copy.

This is correctly titled as it did inform and delight!