william tell overture ringtone


i've hated my ringtone on my iPhone for over a year. I have a cute one for John (Come a Little Bit Closer by Jay Black) but hate the obnoxious other one for everyone else. My problem is that too many phones have the same one and I don't notice mine. But watching Season 5 of Doc Martin the constable's phone rang and it was the William Tell Overture which was also the opening theme song for the Lone Ranger TV show.

I LOVED the Lone Ranger! We had a cowboy bedroom and I had the best cowboy boots ever. My Dad watched Westerns. I remember sitting on the floor while he lay on the couch watching them. And learning that the good guys had the white hats and white horses and the bad guys had black hats and black horses. If only life was that easy now. Except that I really do like to wear black, so maybe not.

So my ringtone is a wonderful childhood memory. I had to listen to several and went with the William Tell Overture version rather than the one that has Hi Ho Silver in it.

Whew, one more thing done and out of my head.