2 wisconsin iphone apps

free app from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. We hope to take a little Miata trip to see some Fall color and I think this app could be quite helpful. Looks like it is loaded with info... attractions, events, overnight and dining. We will know more after we've used it on a trip. If you are interested in a weekly color update sign up for the email every Thursday at www.travelwisconsin.com


And here is a Madison app. It cost $1.99. It is also loaded with information from hookah bars to tea houses and all in between. It gives you distance from where you are, cost and neighborhood. Looking forward to spending some time with this. Love the screen shot above. When we lived DT for almost a year this was our view. If we walked outside the Madison Mark and turned left this is what we saw.

beware whining...

Since I am on the subject of iPhones I need to whine a little. Actually I want to talk about extremely poor customer service. We came to town, moved DT and got iPhones and all was well. We had good service. We then moved less than 2 miles away to our condo. After a bit we noticed dropped calls. We then spent $150 on a MicroCell. That is a piece of AT&T equipment that we BOUGHT to try and get adequate cell coverage in our condo. That seemed to work for a while and now service is worse than ever. Anyway John spent 2 hours on the phone with AT&T trying to get them to let him out of his contract so we can switch to Verizon. Long and short of it is that is will cost him $200 to get out of his contract. And they are going to test our MicroCell and call us back.

In the mean time there are 2 chairs in the condo where we have to sit to make calls. That means I need to make business calls from the bedroom. Even there if I move to reach for something I drop the call. Oh and I desperately need a new phone. And of course if I get it from AT&T then the contract extends even further out. This is all so, so wrong.