what's on the drawing board


Since the closet mess and the party flag mess is all put away it is time to treat myself to junk robot mess. I've been collecting stuff for a year now. With a recent windfall of junk I now have more than enough to make a few junk robot sculptures. My ever ready assistant John has helped take a few things apart. And my poison control expert Phil has advised how to empty and wash out little containers marked POISON. More on this as some little robots start to emerge.


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.47.29 PM


I am currently engrossed in Cooking Doodles. And there might also be a Cooking Doodles Too. With the amount of detail in my drawings I can only get about 30 illustrations in one font. Since there are so many things to draw I may end up with a 2 font family. This is quite fun and moving along nicely.


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.42.20 PM


Also started is Nautical Doodles. And...


Screen Shot 2014-02-27 at 3.41.02 PM


Beach Doodles. While I am working on Cooking Doodles I am generally just thinking about these last two. If there is an image you need in any of these categories please leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.

So what is on your drawing board these days?



new font - woodland doodles

blog6 blogWDtoss blog2 blogtoss5  

Woodland Doodles is, I am delighted to say, done and available for sale. This was a really fun font to do.

It is an eye-pleasing collection of 31 woodland drawings. Illustrations of 11 trees... traditional and contemporary. A branch, animals, cabin, acorn, flower, leaves, mushrooms, bird's nest, pine cone and birds on a branch. This font coordinates nicely with Lake Vacation Doodles and Farm Doodles.


Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 10.10.39 AM

Sneak Peek... Cooking Doodles will be next. And maybe a Cooking Doodles Too. After I work on a few non-font projects that is.

And we have a giveaway going right now with the so very talented Jessica from Jack and Ella Paper Press. Go sign up. Your chances of winning are way better than the lotto!


new! rsvp brush


The never-ending font is finally done. Big. Bold. Brush.

RSVP Brush is a fresh, bold, confident brush font. The bigger the better... great for posters, signs, a headline or a small block of copy. Versatile and quirky. Turn on Contextual Alternates in supporting programs so multiple letters do not repeat.



What took so long with this font? I drew it on my iPad using the robust drawing program called Procreate. But that meant that I had to learn the program (quite easy) and create a new brush (less easy). But I am happy to have those new skills in my bag of tricks.

I also learned how to add contextual alternates. The short story is if you use programs like the Adobe Suite which supports that feature and if you turn on that feature when you type the program will randomly switch out the alternate character and make your typeset type look more hand lettered. Now that I know how to do this I'll add more to future fonts.



RSVP Brush is somewhat of a remake of the 1998 font Plz Print Brush. That was maybe my second font. And 87 fonts later I can make a better crafted font.

And for a limited time it is 50% off!

What to make next? I am taking a modern calligraphy class, but would really like to do a doodle font next. I've had suggestions for Around the World Doodles and Beach Doodles.... Any other thoughts? If so please leave a comment.


beer label, best regardz & holiday doodles too


font sighting here.... the birthday candles and swirls are from Holiday Doodles Too and Birthday Bedlam is Best Regardz! Nothing charms me more than to see fonts I have made used really well by someone. This someone is my friend Carrie from Scherpelz.com just in case you need something designed. And she can do more than beer labels.

what's on the drawing board


RSVP Brush is still on the drawing board or more accurately the iPad and computer. I have been working on this and my website all Summer long. I am at the kerning and the adding of additional open type characters stage. That means I am able to see the end. The nice part is I still like this font a lot but will be happy to move on to something new.



I collect calligraphy pens and keep them in a nice box. I've decided that it is time to try my hand at this... modern calligraphy that is.


Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.44.12 AM

This book is what inspired me to look at this again. It is available for pre order now and will be available on September 24th.

Screen Shot 2013-09-10 at 10.48.14 AMAnd today I also signed up for a class on The Art of Modern Calligraphy. The class launches on September 25th. My friend Jessica from Jack & Ella Paperpress is going to take it too. In fact she told me about it. I have never taken a class there but it is only $20. And if anyone is interested and uses this link http://skl.sh/18MclKz it would only be $10.

I also bought some new paper and ink and nibs too. I'll post links below.

It is Fall and this new project has a bit of a back-to-school feel. I am excited about learning something new!

And stay tuned for a possible Friday the 13th Sale!