what's on the drawing board

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Chicago Doodles are coming along nicely. Here is a sneak peek. I have another 10 drawn awaiting my assistant who is doing the technical part of this font. For those of you who would use this font is there something special you would like to see? If so leave a note in the comment section and I'll see what I can do.

happy hour doodles & giveaway


happy Hour Doodles is done and out for testing! This little font practically drew itself. The inspiration for this font came from a contest I entered on spoonflower.com. By the time I had drawn enough illustrations for the fabric I had over half a font done. So I finished it off.

And I did a matching postcard too.

Font will probably be for sale early 2013. If anyone needs it before that email me and I can get it to you sooner.

And now I am on to my yearly birthday card. I might make a couple and put them in my etsy store... more on that soon.

As you know Zinio is giving me 10 free digital magazine subscriptions. You can take a peek here at www.zinio.com.

If you would like to get in on the giveaway you need to do 2 things.

1. Go to https://www.facebook.com/outsidethelinefonts

2. Share this post.

You need to do this from this post as Facebook does not allow Giveaways on their pages.

Contest will run for nine posts. I’ll choose one winner daily and contact you through Facebook.

Each person can only win one magazine but you can up your chances by entering daily.

Enjoy and Happy Holidaze!

cajun christmas


i did not create this amazing New Orleans holiday card but Jenn from Seahorse Bend Press did using my New Orleans Doodles as the artwork. Nothing makes me happier than to see my illustrations used so well by someone else. If you need some you can email her at help@seahorsebendpress.com and tell her Rae sent you. She will also have cards for Texas, Maine, Boston, New York, San Francisco and Chicago.

(Great job Jenn!)

free font time!


Most of you are arriving here because of the quarterly newsletter (if not the link is on the right if you want to sign up). This quarter's free font is Nancy Vala's Vibrant Women. It will available for a limited time. To get this font for free click on the red link on the right. Normal licensing applies. And if you like the birthday girl above you can order some cards from Nancy's etsy store. It's my favorite birthday card.

Just released is Flower and Leaf Borders. I am excited about this simple, easy-to-use font. 30 different flowers and or leaves. Lots to work with.


This font was not designed for Word. I use Illustrator a lot and this is a great font for graphics programs. To make a pattern block your program must allow you to control your line spacing and kerning. If you want to use this font in Word and are more skilled than I am maybe you know how to do that. Otherwise I would suggest using it as a spot illustration or in a row as I did for my blog header. Just a tip, I made the border by taking the same art from the pattern block and changing the color of the middle 4 illustrations to white. Very quick and easy and it meant that everything lined up exactly.


And here is a new city font, New Orleans Doodles! It is almost as much fun as a trip to NOLA. Food, drink, Mardi Gras, musical instruments and buildings. This font has more illustrations than usual, I just could not stop drawing.

The next font will be Christmas Borders. Can't wait to get started on that. Stop back here to see the progress or LIKE me on my Facebook page for updates.

Happy Fall!

flower and leaf borders

A small sample of my newest font Flower and Leaf Borders. Each of these drawings are done in a square. You can use each image individually or in a row. I am going to use them as a background behind the header on this site. You can make a block of them to use as a pattern. Several of them connect and could be used as wallpaper. I see many, many uses for this font.

Flower and Leaf Borders are for sale here and will be for sale shortly on all the other places on the web that carry my fonts.

This one was so much fun that the next one will be Christmas Borders.

what is on the drawing board...


Started a new font this week and at the same time started this book which I am unfortunately just gobbling up. My font making friend Nancy sent it to me because she thought I would like it and I do. It is a murder mystery (which I rarely read) that includes rare book collecting, printing and designing of typefaces used in those books. I love the small sections where the author talks about type in the same way I think about type. Makes me think of our recent trip to the Hamilton Type Museum.

And I have a nice start to this new Flower & Leaf Border font. This shows 8 letters. Each letter is in this case typed 3 times to get the repeat. This is still in the rough stages and it will change as I go along. I will also add a second piece to each that will be a mask. That would allow someone to type 'a' and add a color to it and then type "A" and have the line drawing stack on top of the colored mask. Or at least that is what I am thinking now. This would be an open type feature and I don't know how to do that part right now. Right now I am in the fun creative drawing part of the font.

A while ago I posted this painting with just the peacock background color on it. This is a close up of a small section I like. It is about 2' x 4'. I think I need some marigold color somewhere. In the mean time it is a nice splash of color in the stairwell.

John has a nice project of his own going that I am doing a few little things for. He is making a Little Library that will look like our condo and be in our front yard. Our deadline for that is later this month, I'll blog about that when it is done.

new font... new orleans doodles

finally. Done. And today on sale at myfonts.com. By the end of next week it will be for sale everywhere else. This font practically drew itself and then I just could not generate it. Might be because there are 40 illustrations instead of the usual 30 I don't know. It is working and that is all I care about.

Now I can move on to the Flower Border font that is dancing in my head.

mac tip #7


New Orleans Doodles is done, sort of. I am at the testing part. Testing is really important because a bad font can cause the user a lot of problems. And who ever thinks it is the new font you installed? No one. I am merrily working along this week making graphics, testing until I get to Word. This font will not show up in Word. If there is a problem it is always going to be Word. I will not bore you with the laundry list of things I have tried. Except for one...

It was suggested that I run FontNuke. While it did not solve the problem I must have a really clean font cache. FontNuke is a free utility application for Mac OS X 10.4.x+ (Tiger, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion) that removes corrupt and troublesome font cache files.

Why would you need this you ask? Font Nuke says...

Problems caused by bad 'font cache' files

  • Fonts which have been added to the system or activated with 3rd party software, do not show up in application font lists
  • When multiple styles for a similar font family are active, the font displays as a different style then is selected (e.g.; Garamond-Bold is selected but displaying as Garamond-Italic)
  • Text is garbled or random characters are inserted
  • Text disappears entirely
  • Applications stall or quit immediately after launch
  • Fonts look correct on screen, but when printed:
    • convert to Courier or other random fonts
    • do not print at all, an error may be generated or nothing happens at all

Even though it did not solve my problems it is a good thing to know about...

And now I am going to  have some wine with my whine. And tomorrow is another day.