We got iPhones!

This is probably not the big deal to everyone as it is to me. A year ago I wanted an iPhone sooooooooooo bad. But we lived in an area that did not have AT&T. They do now but still no iPhone service. Anyway a perk of living here is that we can have them. We both got them which is nice. We had been limping along on just one cell phone waiting for my contract to end. I then had to buy a book on how to use the phone and am slowing working my way through it. But I know I am going to love having this. Really it is a small computer. If I wanted I could blog from it, it has GPS, internet, email, camera, blah, blah, blah.

Funny thing... twice since we have been here we have asked someone for a phone book. And both times we have been met with blank stares by the twenty somethings. Both times they directed us to computers to look up the place we were trying to find. I guess my iPhone will also be my phone book.

Yesterday my brother asked me if I am happy. Yes I am happy, very happy.