View from the 12th Floor

The unpacking continues... I just reset my Time Capsule (modum and wireless back up system) John is hooking up a TV in my office. And we intend to make the livingroom as perfect as we can today. Tonight we attend a open house at a condo development. This weekend starts the Parade of Condos and we will try to see as many as we can to start to figure out where we will move to in a year. The above picture is the common area that you can sign up and use for a little party. There is a nice flat screen TV and below are views from the deck outside that room. It also has a nice grill out on the deck. But as I found it is booked in advance. When I went to see if Saturday was available I found that the earliest I could get was August 15th. Still a lovely way to entertain.

And some afternoon when I get back to working I will come up to this spot. This table has my name on it.

John thinks he is on vacation... I keep referring to the apartment as the hotel. Apparently I think I am on vacation too.