The Land of Shit 'o ree...

Ohmigod we have a lot of stuff and a very small space. John took every single kitchen item layed them all out, I Goodwilled what I could and he wedged the rest into the kitchen. The bedroom is together. It is 10.5 x 12 so we went out and bought a cheap-o George Jetson pedestal to hold the way too big TV. We needed that because the long narrow chest of drawers that the TV would have sat on is in the office (2nd bedroom). It is where the purple couch would have been. OK so you get the picture.

Actually while small it is what an apartment is and certainly an apartment in a DT of a city. This is spacious compared to Matt's old digs in London. And now that we are in I am amazed at what we did. We emptied a 2600 sq ft house with a 14x22 ft porch, 3 car garage and a full basement into 2 cars, a 26 ft U-Haul and a 10x15 storage unit. I think that is pretty amazing.

We have a lovely patio and surprisingly good sized bathrooms. My desk is up and tomorrow I tackle the office space. John has done an amazingly good job orchestrating the move. So far only one thing broke and I packed it. But we have no knives, none. John emailed the new owners to check the knife drawer and send it on.

Today we had lunch on the Capitol Square. They have live music on Tuesdays on our corner of the square. We continuously marvel that we are HERE and at the abundance of pretty much everything. At every turn we are looking at a cool hair salon or another interesting restaurant.

Soon I will take some pictures of our new neighborhood.

Other things of interest... John dropped off his contract to the talent agency and his head shots (comp card) will be done soon. He had to form a company to do this. It is called Walks, Talks and Chews Gum. Cute.

And soon there will be a new, much improved blog. I am very excited about this. As soon as I can I will make some fun graphics and get this up. I will be blogging with a interesting and fun friend who is a writer and lives in Boulder. She writes. I draw and I live in Madison. The blog is "I write, she draws. She draws I write."

That is it from here... I promise I will walk my new neighborhood and put up some fun photos.