The unpacking continues....

We are still unpacking... 8 days of unpacking now. But we are hanging photos and the rooms are set up and all the electronics are working. Little piles of stuff in each room to deal with. And we like it tidy so there must be homes for every last little thing.

This week we will go see my folks, go to Dubuque on Saturday for a bridal shower for John's family and I hope to actually get back to work. I think it has been at least 6 weeks.

Madison is a city of neighborhoods with very active neighborhood associations which give each area a different feel. We had lunch at Atwoodfest. The Atwood neighborhood was having a street festival. We stood there a minute taking it all in... hippies young and old and the scent of patchouli. Had some great street food and came home to continue with the unpacking.

We live in the First Settlement neighborhood. There are 6 Capitol neighborhoods. I can look down from my office and see the plaque for the first cabin in 1837.

And shortly we are off to another desirable neighborhood on Monroe St. It is where our gas grill resides. We are grilling out with our friends Jane and Steve. Got 2 chicken kabobs from Ken's Meat Market. They are the best I've eaten-- and these 2 kabobs will easily feed the 4 of us.