The Wedding, Part 2

It was a Sunday late afternoon wedding at a country club in Cleveland. It was a beautiful venue. After the ceremony we had cocktails outside and the weather was perfect.

As I said yesterday Jen is Jewish and we were told that at a Jewish wedding it was the guests obligation to have a good time. Her Jewish side of the family is much different that Matt's repressed Christian side. It was complete with Matt's friend Mack who got a license (or something) to marry them off the Internet. John's reading (or how his iPhone saved the day, more on that tomorrow) the glass being stomped on, fabulous band, and the kids being hoisted up on chairs with all of us dancing exuberantly in circles around them. Not to mention Jen's quintessential Jewish Uncle Sheldon, and her family who was SO nice and friendly and welcoming. I feel like we made a lot of new friends.

John (father), Matt (groom) and Ryan (best man)

John and I
Matt and Jen