The Wedding, Part 3

or other titles are 'Good save Gretzky' or 'Thank God we have iPhones'.

We process in and sit down. John immediately turns to me and says, "I don't have my reading." Well this is a very short ceremony and Jen's Aunt and Uncle start their part in Hebrew. I say to John you have 2 Bible apps on your iPhone, get that out. That made him remember that he sent the reading to himself. So he opens his gmail and finds the reading. This is as the Mom's lit the unity candle and Jen's brother spoke in Hebrew and did something with wine. John reviewed his reading and was called on next. He of course got up and read beautifully. Later we found that Mack had a copy but of course it would have been disruptive to have to ask for it. Nice save.

Matt and Jen wrote their vows. The things Matt said made me know he will be a great husband. I remember I choked up when he said that he saw Jen as his equal and went on to say he didn't need to be with her but wanted to be with her.

And then it was hours and hours of eating and drinking and dancing. A good time was had by all.