The Wedding, Part 1

Saturday we left Madison at 5AM and drove to Cleveland for Matt and Jen's wedding. Matt is my oldest stepson. This was absolutely hands down the best and most fun wedding I have ever been at. Being somewhat geographically challenged I never really looked up how far Cleveland was from Madison. But it is 500 miles one way. We listened to books on tape and I knit. I was surprised how doable the ride was. We got to the hotel, changed and went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Which was at this cute little place.

I am ALL about the details. I could not have topped this wedding even if I planned it myself. 3 days of fun. This was a Jewish/Christian wedding. Matt told us that when you go to a Jewish wedding it is your OBLIGATION as a guest to have an extremely good time. Apparently there is even a Jewish word for this. And we did. That is saying a lot since I don't really even like to go to weddings.

More on the wedding tomorrow as we are settling back in today...