The new porch...

I love porches. That love probably comes from playing on my Grandma's porch when I was little. We have added them to 2 houses. Our condo always has a leak somewhere. So this was the year to address those leaks with a 3 fold plan. Guys who installed the really high windows came back and re caulked those. We put a new rubber roof on the overhang and the area behind the half wall...

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.06.27 AM.png

And we added a screened in porch. This is above my office so we really needed to address the leak problem.

It is a small space, only 7.5 x 13' and is off our bedroom. It is a little piece of serenity with a 90 degree lake view.

Flooring came from IKEA. It is stained wood and came in 1' squares. They just snap together. I laid half the floor. Feels good on bare feet.

This was old living room furniture on loan to a young doctor friend who is living in a studio apartment. Throw is from Justine. Tray and bird clock are from Julie. Lake coasters from Jane. The girlfriends have good taste. Yes, I know that I have upholstered furniture against a screened window. But this will do until I find vintage 50s heavy bamboo furniture. I will recover the cushions in some Auntie's old grass cloth living room drapes.

Love those bases. Love mid-century modern. Perfect size for small spaces. I assume these are a knock off.

This is an authentic Bertoia chair. Heart made by Justine. On the Handy Andy creeper are Rosie, Betty and Harold sculptures that I made.

I was delighted to furnish the small space with treasures I already own. And when moving things up from the basement what do you think we found? Yes, another leak. At least it is in the basement.

Watermelon = Summertime

Everyone loves watermelon. But often it is messy, especially at an outdoor party. Here is your solution.

We've taken this to two parties and it gets eaten down to almost the last watermelon slice. It is perfect outdoor finger food.

You need... one watermelon, one low bowl. (I use a pasta bowl) and one cereal bowl.


Turn your cereal bowl upside down in the middle of the pasta bowl. Cut the end of the watermelon off. Use that to cover up the bowl.

Cut the watermelon into watermelon slices as shown and arrange them in rows around the small bowl. Easy peasy. We all know it is all about presentation.