The new porch...

I love porches. That love probably comes from playing on my Grandma's porch when I was little. We have added them to 2 houses. Our condo always has a leak somewhere. So this was the year to address those leaks with a 3 fold plan. Guys who installed the really high windows came back and re caulked those. We put a new rubber roof on the overhang and the area behind the half wall...

Screen Shot 2017-07-02 at 10.06.27 AM.png

And we added a screened in porch. This is above my office so we really needed to address the leak problem.

It is a small space, only 7.5 x 13' and is off our bedroom. It is a little piece of serenity with a 90 degree lake view.

Flooring came from IKEA. It is stained wood and came in 1' squares. They just snap together. I laid half the floor. Feels good on bare feet.

This was old living room furniture on loan to a young doctor friend who is living in a studio apartment. Throw is from Justine. Tray and bird clock are from Julie. Lake coasters from Jane. The girlfriends have good taste. Yes, I know that I have upholstered furniture against a screened window. But this will do until I find vintage 50s heavy bamboo furniture. I will recover the cushions in some Auntie's old grass cloth living room drapes.

Love those bases. Love mid-century modern. Perfect size for small spaces. I assume these are a knock off.

This is an authentic Bertoia chair. Heart made by Justine. On the Handy Andy creeper are Rosie, Betty and Harold sculptures that I made.

I was delighted to furnish the small space with treasures I already own. And when moving things up from the basement what do you think we found? Yes, another leak. At least it is in the basement.