Watermelon = Summertime

Everyone loves watermelon. But often it is messy, especially at an outdoor party. Here is your solution.

We've taken this to two parties and it gets eaten down to almost the last watermelon slice. It is perfect outdoor finger food.

You need... one watermelon, one low bowl. (I use a pasta bowl) and one cereal bowl.


Turn your cereal bowl upside down in the middle of the pasta bowl. Cut the end of the watermelon off. Use that to cover up the bowl.

Cut the watermelon into watermelon slices as shown and arrange them in rows around the small bowl. Easy peasy. We all know it is all about presentation.

Ice Cream = Summertime!

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Homemade ice cream that is. I have a Donvier ice cream maker that I may have bought in the 90s. Sooooo easy, you freeze the cylinder. Mix up the ice cream, pour it into the cylinder and crank the handle every so often. Makes about a quart.

I recently bought one on Amazon.

I recently bought one on Amazon.

Favorite Vanilla Ice Cream

1   14-ounce can sweetened condensed milk
2 cups whipping cream
1/2 cup milk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Mix ingredients together well. Put in ice cream maker and crank! Summer at its best.

Can't wait to have these little guys help make ice cream!

Can't wait to have these little guys help make ice cream!

Rhubarb Pie = Summertime!

This is sort of a re post.

I made 2 rhubarb cherry pies this weekend. If that isn't the start to Summer I don't know what is. Just want to share the recipe again because it is rhubarb time. I try to buy what is fresh at the farmer's market and use what is in season. Two pies take 6c of rhubarb. I substituted 2c of cherries because I had them. I like to make two pies because it is no more work to make two than one. And that means I can send pie home with guests.

For the recipe go to this older post and enjoy.