Ruling Writer Pen

I just got these intriguing new lettering pens. Many years ago when I was going to school for Commercial Art we all had to buy a drafting set. That set had a drawing pen somewhat like these. (Mary, my guess is that you still have yours?!) I remember hating to rule with those. You put a drop of ink in the well and draw perfect lines. Right. I got these new beautiful pens to create some new lettered alphabet fonts. But I'll be working on a textured watercolour paper so the desire for a perfectly ruled line will be gone.

I am planning on using these on the first snowy day. I'll move up to the 12th floor and work there watching it snow with a cup of hot chocolate.

If any of you are also interested in these pens go to Paper & Ink Arts. They are of a lovely quality, all shiny and the ruling writer has a nice weight to it. The other one was a nib only. I didn't realize it didn't come with a pen. But I actually had a pen holder from my school days and even had it in the apartment. I continue to be amazed at the odd things that moved with us.