Wedding Doodles font

New font Wedding Doodles debuts this week. I have had many requests for this font so it was time to make it and I am happy with the results. I wanted to get it done for the 'wedding season' but I guess people get married all year long and often more than once so maybe it is always the wedding season.

I drew this and John did the technical stuff which was huge. Turns out he is good at detailed, technical stuff. That frees me up to do other more creative things.

I've got a good start on Party Doodles Too, the next font.

LOTS happening DT here thru Labor Day. Saturday is the farmer's market on the square the the first home football game. Wild times on State Street I am sure. Followed by Taste of Madison on the Square Sunday and Monday. We think we are going to learn how to ride the bus this weekend. As little as we are using our cars and how hard it is to find DT parking (we could only get 1 spot in the bowels of the building) we will only have one car for the Winter. So understanding the bus system will be good.