Oh no...

We are in Madison, John is doing some job hunting. Last night he had an appointment for the open call at the Rock Agency. This is a talent agency.

Conversation upon returning...

Me: How did it go?

John: You won’t believe it, you are going to laugh your heads off.

Me: What happened.

John: You know.

Me: NO!

John: YES.

Me covering my face with my hands: Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no.

Jane coming outside: What is going on out here?

Me: John is going to be a George Bush look-a-like.

John laughing: Yes!

And yes we have been laughing our heads off ever since.

We are to do another photo shoot asap and get more photos to the agency and then they will start booking John. Apparently look-a-likes are big. (Some farmer around here looks like Richard Gere.) But there is other work they can get him also.

And while it would be nice if we liberal Democrats were in a financial position to be more principled... we may have to cash in on Bush’s last 8 years in the only way we can.

And here I assumed he’d end up doing Viagra spots.