Lake Delton, WI

or as my youngest step son says just Delton.

Between Eau Claire and Madison is the Wisconsin Dells. Lake Delton is near there and part of the Dells area attraction. Lake Delton is a man-made lake that is now empty. There is a dam on either end and the water went around one end and washed out the earth. There are 20 large resorts on this lake. The Dells bring 1 billion dollars in tourist money to the state.

We stopped there yesterday on our way home. It was eery.

Engineers are studying the lake. Gov. Doyle says it will only take about two weeks for water from the river to refill the 267-acre lake. But the question is how long it will take to divert and correct the river's current path back into the lake.

And then there is Cedar Rapids, IA where we use to live and have many friends. In Cedar Rapids this is the 500 year flood. I was there in 1993 when they had the 100 year flood. All the City and County offices are on an island in the middle of the river. It's completely cut off now and the river is still 6 feet below where they expect it to crest! I use to work for Seiferts in the Higley Building which would have to be under water as it was only 2 blocks from the river and John use to work for KCRG TV and the water is right up to the station as I write this.