New Shoes... Cute Shoes...

Moving DT has made any kind of fun shoes a thing of the past. I started the Summer in patent leather cork soled flip flops and ended it in Ryka running shoes. Since I now have a walking life instead of a driving life I have to wear good shoes. Any time I leave the apartment to go anywhere the very least I may walk is a half to a mile. More often the average is one and a half to two unless I am actually going out for a walk then it would be more. And I really don't like the look of running shoes unless I am exercising. I really hate white work-out shoes in Winter. And I don't like all the flashy colors on them either. Just ask John. I make him go with me because I seem to think he can help me find the perfect shoes as he has run several marathons.

Not so... I think he is just happy when I pick something, anything and we can go home.

But I have found these Keen shoes. A perfect combination of funky cute and function. I can walk a ways in them and I like the sort of retro look. And black is always good.

I was showing them to our friends Jane and Steve and Steve commented that they were Miatas for my feet. And they are.