Lucette Spaghetti & Yourz Truly!

My friend Nancy is illustrating this darling children's book. And she is using my font Yourz Truly. It will come as no surprise that I was a fussy little kid when it came to books and illustrations and even comic strips. If I didn't like the pictures I would not have anything to do with the book. I would have loved these as a kid because I like how Lucette looks and the repeating patterns and graphicness of the drawings would have mesmerized me. This obsessiveness has now spilled over into type. When we go to a movie if I don't like the typeface used in the beginning credits I don't think I will like the movie and want to leave. My husband is a very patient and understanding man. Luckily he thinks I am interesting.

I particularly like this font with these illustrations. I always try to make type and illustrations match when I am designing. I like the round hand drawn look of my type with the roundness of Nancy's illustrations.

It will be for sale on her almost designed website. You can contact her thru her blog. My guess is that Lucette looks a lot like Nancy did when she was a little girl.