new cowgirl boots...

Take a look at these... aren't they wildly wonderful?

I have a coffee group of 4 graphic artists. We met recently and Lois brought these to show us. She got them at our neighborhood St. Vinnies. And while they did not fit her she thought they were just too good to pass up. And low and behold they fit ME! So I got them!

And they remind me of my first and only pair of cowboy boots that I had when I was maybe 4. My mother sent my father uptown to the general-type store (food, shoes, farm stuff, etc.) to get me a pair of shoes. And I saw the black and red cowboy boots and those where what I wanted. So he got them for me and I was so happy. My mother was not at all happy. And of course always maintained that those boots ruined my feet. I think my Mom would have gotten a kick out of this pair. And if not she would have been nice and said, "Well those are.... different".