chautauqua & graphoanalysis...

now there are 2 interesting words... The delightful blog Each Little World had a post about Chautauqua and referred to it as a Summer learning program. But that got me thinking about 'chautauqua' which I had just assumed living in Wisconsin was an Indian word. It still sounds like one to me, but I like the idea of a Summer learning program. Except that I am generally too busy in Summer to take on a learning program.

And since we are now looking at the long hard Winter months I decided I will have a Winter learning program. I plan to learn the 8 Basic Steps to Graphonanalysis. My sweet friend Chris put this little packet together for me so I can learn this. She sent me this in Summer and I have been hoarding it until now. Handwriting analysis has always interested me. I've had someone analysis my handwriting once and it was oddly accurate. It seems like a fun thing to spend some time on.

Winter freaks me out a little even though I have lived through many. It just gets long and hard and dark and I am trying for some new habits and bits of planned fun.

So how do the rest of you who live in the great, white North get by? What are your favorite Winter things? Plz share.