Almost the Holidays...

Getting ready to leave town for Thanksgiving... back to Rochester which is a ritual of sorts. I think we have done this the last 5 or 6 years. We will have a lovely time with good friends. John will prepare the turkey, I bring the cranberry salad. I think I am going to be a bigger fan of Thanksgiving. It is more about people and having a nice meal with friends then the over the top ness of December. It seems like there are less expectations and consequently less failures with Thanksgiving. Seems like the bar is always so high with Christmas than you just can't hit it.

We did send our Holiday letter out on Halloween this year. And while we were writing, printing, addressing and mailing 96 pieces it felt like a lot of work. Now of course it is a relief.

I suggest to all that it be a simpler year... scale back, do what feels right and let the rest go. Buy less for those who don't need anything and remember those who actually do.