Knitting... neck warmers

I don't like to knit sweaters because I don't wear sweaters. And frankly knitting a sweater is just too great a committment, although I did knit several in high school. So while I love knitting as a process I don't like most knitted items.

But last year neck warmers became a hot new item to knit. I am kind of a one (or two) skein wonder. So these are perfect for me. And here are two that I made as gifts.

The above neckwarmer is from the Knitty free pattern called Tudora, you can find it on their website. The yarn is one skein of 127 Print. It is a lovely yarn. Button is vintage. This is a very attractive neckwarmer on.

I just finished this one and I think it will be a great utilitarian neckwarmer. My neck seems to always be cold in Winter. This is the Cabled Neck Warmer by HomeMadeOriginals. I think I got this through an Etsy shop and paid $5 for it. The yarn is one and a half skeins of Eskimo by Garnstudio. Also a very nice yarn to knit with. And the colors are prettier than the picture. I finished it off with 2 vintage buttons. I like vintage buttons on knitted items and use them when I can.

Everything I knit always starts out to be for me. As I knit I start to think about someone I know and how the yarn always seems to be them. So both of these are gifts and I hope to knit one of each for me.