Flood in Cedar Rapids

I just don't have words for how sad we are for Cedar Rapids and Iowa and all our friends there. I lived in Cedar Rapids for 23 years. John was born in Burlington and grew up in Waterloo and we met in Cedar Rapids. We were there for the 100 year flood that was NOTHING compared to what is going on there now.

Talked to a friend this morning and we could hear the helicopter going over her house. FEMA is arriving, the National Guard is there. You can't take showers or use water except for drinking. People were evacuated over night as the water rose. They are suggesting tetnus shots. Everything is closed. No restaurants.

John and I both use to work downtown. The building I worked in is under water. I think the water is up to the TV station John worked at. City government was on an island in the middle of the river. Now it is part of a building rising from the water. One of the train bridges is gone. All bridges are closed and I think some are under water. Last I heard the water was at 31 feet. I am not sure if it has crested. I heard it could go to 36 ft. Normal water level is 12 feet. The city is cut in half with the river and there is no way to get from one side to the other. One of the hospitals had to evacuate.

This is such devastation. This is like a Katrina in our back yard with people we know.

It's that same feeling like I had when 911 hit. I wake up and reach for the remote, watch TV all day, surf the Iowa TV websites. I feel very sad. Wish we were closer so we could be of some help. Instead I watch TV.